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A Good Website vs Bad Website: Mobile Accessibility

What if I were to ask you, how would your website look if I were to try to access it on my cell phone, tablet, or any other mobile device?  Maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “well, my website looks good on a computer screen, maybe not on a cell phone screen.  But the computer is what matters.”  I would beg to differ.  In fact, I might go so far as to say that the way a website looks on a cell phone is equally as important as the way it looks on a computer screen.  These days, people love their mobile devices.  In fact there are many people who probably use their cell phones, tablets, etc. to access the internet more than they use their computers.  Which is why the mobile accessibility of a website is so important.  If someone is out and about, and wants to check out a website in that moment, they are most likely going to use their cell phone to do so.  Sometimes, they might even be near a computer, but using their phone or tablet is just more convenient at the time because it’s right there.  We live in a world of instant gratification, and oftentimes the cell phone is more instant than the computer.  So I’m afraid websites need to adjust in order to fall into the good category.

Bad Websites

If you have ever accessed the internet on anything other than a computer, you know what a bad website is like in this area.  It might take a ridiculously long time to load, or when it does load, the text and/or images overlap so much that it is almost unusable.  You try to make it bigger, thinking this will help, but that doesn’t seem to work either.  It just doesn’t seem like it’s meant to be looked at on your device.  Chances are, you end up getting so frustrated that you either give up entirely, and find a different one that does work.  Most people don’t have the patience to wait until they get home, or somewhere where there is a computer, start up their computer, and then try that same website again.  It gave the impression that is is outdated, which could cause the person to make the same conclusions about the business that it represents.  And let’s face it, “outdated” is definitely not an impression that any business should want to make on a potential customer!

Good Websites

A good website in the area of mobile accessibility is just that–accessible.  On any device–a computer, a cell phone, a tablet, anything that has the internet.  That way, no matter where some one is, and what device they happen to have access to at that time, they can see the website and find what they are looking for.  This sends the message that the business represented by the website is up-to-date and innovative, and in touch with current technology, which is definitely a positive message that every business owner wants to send.  If you were to access any of the FreshySites websites on your mobile device, you will notice that they still look just as beautiful as they do on a computer screen.  Which is why they are good!  If you’re thinking that your website needs some improvement in this area, get in touch with us.  We would love to help bring your website up-to-date and make it mobile-friendly.

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