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A Good Website vs. Bad Website: Content

Oftentimes the content of a website can determine whether it is good or bad.  If I am understanding it correctly, content refers to all of the writing on the website, or the actual information that is provided there.  One can see how this is a very important component of a website.  The whole reason that people visit websites is to find out information.  Whether or not they find what they were looking for, as well as how difficult it was to find, determines whether they think of that website as a good one or a bad one.  With content, not only does the quantity matter, but the quality is just as important.  Let me be clear: I’m not saying that content in and of itself is bad, but I think websites should provide the user with basic information–not too much, not too little.

Bad Websites

Websites that I would categorize as “bad” in the area of content would probably fall into one of three groups: too much content, not enough content, or poor quality content.  Some websites are much too heavy on the content.  They are the ones that just have paragraph after paragraph of information, not just on the home page (which, in my opinion, would be bad enough if that was content-heavy), but on EVERY page of their site.  If there is too much content, people get annoyed and probably don’t read the whole thing, if any of it.  Usually people just want the information presented to them in a clear and concise manner, not overly wordy.  A website is just not the place for that.  On the other hand, some websites barely have any content.  That is frustrating in another way.  You don’t find out what you need from the website, which means you are either going to have to call or contact the business to find out a piece of basic information, or you just give up and go to another website that provides a similar service.  And then there’s the last group, poor quality content.  Sometimes you take the time to read through the content that is there, and it is either poorly written or just too ambiguous, using a bunch of industry-specific jargon that doesn’t make any sense to you.  You’re left in the same situation as the person who visits a website with not enough content–you either have to contact the company, or you give up and find what you need elsewhere (that scenario is the last thing that any business owner should want, especially if they are paying for their website to get them more customers!).

Good Websites

A good website has just the right amount of content–not too much, not too little, and it is presented in a clear and understandable way.  No jargon, just plain language that just about anyone could understand without having to know too much about that specific industry.  Sure, it might not explain absolutely everything there is to know (that would actually be too much content I think).  After all, you want people to contact you for more information–but it also doesn’t provide too little as to not answer basic questions about the business.  The content on a good website whets the appetite of the user and leaves them wanting to find out more about the business–they leave the website knowing what the business does, and who it serves, but wanting to know even more (which is why they get in touch with/go visit the business afterwards).  To see some examples of websites that have just the right amount of content, go visit our website showcase!  And if you’d like some help with adding, cutting back on, or improving the content on your website, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We’d love to help.

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