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A Good Website vs. Bad Website: Graphics

I would now like to write about the graphics of a website, and how they play into whether or not it falls into the “good” or “bad” category.  You can think about graphics as basically anything visual on a website.  If you were to look at a website in your peripheral vision, or from far away, there is one thing you would definitely notice–the graphics.  You might not be able to read the content, but you would be able to see the photos, animation, etc.  They are the first thing you notice when you arrive at a site, and they stick with you when you think about the website later.  If they were good, you probably made some subconscious conclusions about the business behind the website–that it is professional, has high standards, and is tasteful.  If the graphics were bad, then you probably made some negative conclusions about the business–perhaps that it is outdated, unprofessional, or disorganized in its way of doing things.  Graphics say a lot about the taste of the business whose website it is (one has to assume that the people behind the website like the way that it looks).  Lastly, they really play into the “experience” that people are getting about the business.  Nowadays, people might not necessarily walk into a physical space to learn about a business.  They will simply visit the website to scope it out.  The website is just as important as an office space or a store–and the graphics make an impression on people from the first moment that they arrive, just like the design and decor of a physical space.

Bad Websites

Websites that are bad in the graphics department would most likely fall into one of two categories: overdone or underdone.  If there are too many graphics, the website is visually overwhelming.  We’re talking sensory overload.  You don’t know what to look at, and you feel a lot of anxiety because the website has way too much going on.  This is not a pleasant experience, and it definitely deters you from wanting to return to the website in the future.  Some websites go nuts with the animation piece, and bombard you with fast-moving, overstimulating animation the whole time you are there.  It is not pleasant.  Then there are the websites on the other end of the spectrum.  They use very few graphics, and the ones they do use are not at all interesting to look at, or are of a low quality.  These are the websites that are often mostly words, have very few or very small pictures, and do not have anything exciting about them visually.  Again, they do not make a good first impression about the business.

Good Websites

Websites that would fall into the good category know how to use graphics to grab the visitor’s attention without overwhelming them.  They are aesthetically pleasing and classy.  If there is animation, it is simple and tasteful.  If there are photos, they are beautiful and of a very high quality.  Think about a website that you like–chances are, it is pleasant to look at and uses graphics well.  If you were to look at the website from far away, you would be intrigued and would want to find out more, simply because it looked good.  Take a peek at these FreshySites websites.  You will notice that they all use graphics in a professional way that makes a great first impression.  If you are thinking that your website could use some “graphical intervention,” get in touch with us.  It’s why we’re here.


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