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Role of SEO in Website Design

Businesses want their websites to have a strong and visible online presence so that they can attract visitors and generate revenue. With higher conversion rates, businesses are bound to experience growth rates. Website designers should not only focus on creating appealing websites, but also ones that are able to generate more targeted traffic. A SEO website design is essential for attracting search engine spiders to move the websites ranking up on search engines. Companies seeking a small business website design should rely on web design services that are adept in search engine optimization techniques.

Using Keywords

Before creating websites, web designers should understand the purpose of the website and what audience it is targeting. Once this is determined, web developers should track down a list of keywords that are the most relevant used by users to particular product or service. It is better to consolidate this keyword list before designing the website so that these keywords can be effectively placed throughout the website content for increased search engine ranking. A professional web designer knows that keywords are effective when they are placed in web page title tags, domain names, headings, and tactfully in the body content. Moreover, the appropriate keyword density gives a higher search engine ranking and ultimately greater visibility.

Improve Link Structure

To rank higher on search engines, links are required from within the website and from other websites. Supporting pages can be used for search engine indexing and ranking purposes and then linking it with a landing page. For an SEO website design, website designers should manage link flow and make sure that links are not leaving the webpage. This is very important as the back links into the website are important than out links to other websites. Landing pages should have less links leaving it, because it is the target page, therefore any link leaving it should be either for conversion or ranking another page of the same website.

Quality Unique Content

In order to make your web pages detectable by search engines, website developers need to rely on unique content that is clearly written for the website with sufficient keywords. When you have content on your website that is fresh, new and not a repetition of what others have already said, it can be SEO friendly.

Search engine optimization helps figure out how to make web pages appealing yet keeping them search engine friendly. Flash content might be appealing to visitors but the reality is that it cannot be detected by search engines. This is also true for graphics and Java based navigation menus. An SEO website design makes sure aesthetics are balanced with the website’s ability to attract search engine crawlers.

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