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Proximity Issues Involved In a Quality Web Design

An essential web design principle is that of proximity which revolves around the visual grouping of similar items, less crowding of the web page and a structured layout. The proper use of the principle of proximity makes sure that unrelated items and related items are properly spaced out to contribute to a website’s overall success. Related elements should be visually connected while elements that are not related should be visually separated.

White Space Is For the Best

A good website design has the aim of communicating information while understanding the importance of white space. Novice web developers try to fill out the entire web page with content without giving much thought to a well-organized white space. White space in webpage design in essential since it affects user behavior and sets out the contrast to direct the eyes. White space should not be confused with dead space which is empty space without any purpose. Dead space does not help in relating items visually.

Assemble Related Elements Visually

White space would lose out on its charm if the content was not grouped in a logical manner. No doubt cluttering should be avoided but if the related items are not placed together, the visual effect would be weak resulting in users spending more time figuring out what the content means.

Emphasize on the Visual Hierarchy

The way in which information is arranged and the website’s architecture are essential aspects of effective proximity. When related content is grouped in categories, users clearly understand where they are and where they have to go. For example, lists are a great example of visual hierarchy that clearly shows relationships between items and also of making wise use of white space.

Create Website Design Layouts That Are Easily Read

Logically grouped content can be scanned and read easily. Effective design layouts can be created with using headings and sub-headings since they clearly indicate what the succeeding paragraph would be about. When proximity is considered in architecture and design, users are not drenched with too much information. Design elements such as larger typography for headings/subheadings, horizontal/vertical rules, iconography and gradients are essential visual hints that direct a visitor to perceive differences between content sections.

Using Grids Add More Appeal

The best way to make white space on the webpage and group similar items is to rely on using grids. Grids allow different sections to be clearly separated and give proper alignment to the body content. Even if a web designer does not concentrate on proximity principles, grids automatically do that work. It emphasizes the fact that the information contained in the framed area is related.

Show Users THE Way

When web designers consider proximity issues during the web design and development process, website visitors can easily navigate through the website without any hassles. This is because they can easily figure out what different sections mean and the primary navigation is found quickly. Visitors will feel at ease when they use such a website since it would be visually appealing.

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