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Non Profit Web Design at FreshySites!

FreshySites would like to introduce our new program for Non-Profit Organizations!  We enjoy helping all organizations, businesses, and entrepreneurs reach their goals of a beautifully designed website, but we would like to give back a little bit extra to Non Profits.  Non Profits hold a special place in both our hearts and we understand it’s about the cause and helping people. So we’re introducing a reduced start up fee to all Non Profit Organizations.  Below are the reductions in start up fees for each plan…

Basic         ($50)
Standard  ($100)
Premium  ($150)

Yup!  So that means a Basic start up fee is only $99, Standard $149, and Premium $199.

We’re really excited to offer this program and hope it helps people give a little bit more to their cause.  So how do you qualify? All you have to do when you sign up for a Freshy Site is show us proof of your Non Profit Status with the IRS.  That’s it!

We look forward to working with all of you and as always give us a shout with any questions!

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