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Minimalist Web Design: The Requirements

Minimalist web design focuses on details with a simplistic approach. The sole purpose of your web page design should be to engage the user and provide functional information clearly and efficiently. Whatever elements that you select to leave on your webpage from the border surrounding an image to the white space and color palette, they should not complicate the visitor. Web developers must design websites from the user’s perspective and add appropriate emotions to the design. A minimalist website can be funky and contemporary, reserved and stylish, crisp and clear, elegant and polished, or anything you want it to be.

Minimalism is achieved by reducing a design to only the most essential elements and not missing out on the goal of visual design: to convey information effectively.  A minimalist design can be achieved when you focus on the essentials and keep the following web design principles in mind.

“Less is More”- The Minimalist Theme

The architect, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, popularized the minimalist aesthetic phrase ‘less is more’. Minimalist web designs concentrate on keeping the basic features while eliminating those that are not required. Web designers should carefully analyze what is not required, keeping in mind the type and purpose of the website. Do not overwhelm a user with design elements such as social media icons, lists, taglines, excessive graphics, buttons, and Flash.  Many times, these detract from the entire purpose of the site.

Using the Right Typography

When you rely on content rather than on graphics and color, proper typography is of great importance. Sometimes, website developers use big typography instead of graphics to create an impact. Differing font styles, sizes and weights for headings, sub headings, content and navigation provide different levels of visual emphasis to each element.

Avoid Too Much Color

In a minimalist design color adds an impact to the web page, but a minimal color scheme should be used. It is essential the right palette or accent colors are used such as black, gray and blue, but this can extend on to include colors of your discretion. Usually black is preferred for content and different colors can be used for the headers and navigation links. It is preferable if you go through the meanings of colors and how they interact with each other before you choose them for your web page.

Preserve the White Space

White space, also referred to as negative space, is an essential ingredient of a minimalist design. The white space serves as guiding the viewer’s eye movement to areas where you need their attention. It separates out the different elements of the page and makes each one of them stand out distinctly. The importance of white space cannot be ignored as it gives priority to each element of the web page.

Organize the Layout with Grids

The use of grid allows the web page elements to appear more organized and ordered. Rather than only using content, lines, and borders, images can be used to reinforce the message. Grids help in web designers achieve the minimalist look with sufficient white space.

At FreshySites we take a personal approach to each build.  Simple, clean, minimalist designs go a long way in displaying a professional site to your user.

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