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How to Have a Great Webpage Design?

Quality web design has the potential to attract visitors to a website and provide positive customer experiences. When visitors visit a website, they either require information or plan on shopping online. Whatever the case maybe, a website design has to have essential elements that can keep your customers transfixed on your website. When web developers engage in web design & development, they should make sure to follow the following principles.

Invest In a Good Webpage Layout

The web page elements should work together to charm their visitors to stay put on the web page. Different elements on the web page carry different visual weights when arranged in varying combinations. A good web site design should navigate the user automatically to different elements on the page in a sequence desired by the web designer using tools such as color, contrast and design elements to direct the user’s vision.

Uniformity of a Website Design

Uniformity can be achieved when web page elements such as font styles, colors, buttons, heading styles and graphics are selected based on the website theme. They should be the same across all the web pages so that there is design consistency throughout the website. Web developers can bring in consistency by using CSS style sheets to get rid of visual inconsistencies that can drain quality perceptions.

Focus On Usability

User centric designs are increasingly becoming the norm because visitors decide which websites to use and what links to open. Websites are not merely a collection of text and graphics! If a visitor cannot navigate well or use any feature on your website, then there is no point having that feature on your website.

Put In Links That Work

Links are very important because they direct users to different locations on the website. Web developers should concentrate on the link styles that are used on the web pages. They should make sure to differentiate between normal, visited, hover, or active state of the link based on where it is placed in the content or in the footer.

Keep Sufficient Negative Space

White space or negative space is essential to give web pages proportion, contrast and balance. When the content of the web pages are clearly separated without overlapping, all the elements appear clearer. There should be sufficient line spacing between text lines and the other elements on the page such as tables, images, or borders for easier comprehension without putting too much strain on the eyes. Users should be able to easily scan text and make out readable portions and creating section associations in their mind.

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