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Web Design With Online Advertisements

Websites that plan on having advertisements should have a balance between managing visitor traffic for themselves and for advertisers. No doubt revenue generation is the key purpose for ad placement yet it should not sap the purpose of the website. These website owners must understand the fact that the ads would send away a portion of their visitors to the advertiser’s websites. They must also make sure that their web designers design web pages that preserve a majority of their visitor traffic. During the web design process, special steps must be taken to ensure the size and locations of the online ads so that maximum revenue is generated without harming the website owner.

Online advertisements might appear risky in terms of losing a chunk of your visitor traffic to other websites unlike print advertisements. This is because readers reading printed material will not stop reading the publication when they come across a printed advertisement. When visitors are directed to other websites as a result of the online ad, there is a higher chance they might not come back to visit the former website.

How to Alter a Website Design That Includes Online Ads?

Online advertisements have considerable impact on the web site design and they should be considered during the design process. Web designers should include online ads in such a way that they do not upset the visitor’s visual flow on website content. At the same time, they should be placed in locations of greater visibility. When web developers do not make layout and design decisions based on the ads, the website will turn out to be a disaster. Below are certain considerations that web designers should give a thought when designing websites:

Spacing and Layout Decisions

Website designers can either have a large banner ad on the web page or make space for many small ads in a single location or scatter them throughout the web site design. This usually depends on specific industry the website is in. For instance, major news websites normally have advertisements dispersed throughout the website’s layout while blogs keep banner ads in a specific location.

Color Schemes

It is impossible for designers to decide the color schemes of the ads that appear on the web pages but they can decide the colors of the page design. Normally, ads use bright colors in their design and so it would be good idea to use a muted color system for the webpage design to prevent a color overload.

Grabbing User’s Attention

The flow of content and visitor’s eye movement on the web page are affected by the ads present on the page. Web developers can control the user’s eye movement towards ad and content by controlling the locations and sizes of the ads to either maximize ad revenue or retain majority of their visitors.

It is the responsibility of the designer to discuss with the website owner how much priority should be given to online ads on the web page and at the end of the day create a beautiful web design that draws large amounts of visitor traffic.

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