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FreshySites: The Transparent Model at Work

The more I learn about the inner workings of FreshySites, the more I realize that it is following the transparent business model that I explained in my previous post.  There are many ways that this has become apparent to me.  First, all of our prices are right on our website, and we are honest and straightforward with our clients at every point in the relationship.  We understand that the most important thing is meeting a client’s need, not just making money.  And that results in happy clients.

Another aspect that definitely plays into the transparent business approach is long-term thinking, and FreshySites fits that criteria as well.  Sometimes the guys here at Freshy will tell someone at the first meeting that they actually don’t need a website, or perhaps that they only need a very basic website.  Do we offer more complex, more expensive options that offer more features?  Of course–but we recognize that not every client needs all of those features, and we are honest about that not only with ourselves but with our clients as well.  This is very much appreciated–and guess what?  Down the road, when that person does need a website, they will very likely think of FreshySites.

I sort of feel like a broken record because I keep coming back to this point every time I analyze good business practices, but here I go again: the key is to treat people LIKE HUMAN BEINGS.  No one wants to be treated like a source of income, and everyone wants and deserves to be listened to.  A shady company doesn’t even really listen to the needs of their customers, they just try to convince them that they need more than they actually do in order to make more money off of them.  We’ve all been there, on the other side of that interaction, and it feels pretty crappy.  The worst is when you realize it down the road, and you look back and think, “I bet that person knew I didn’t need all of these bells and whistles.  Looks like the joke’s on me.”

I was reading Zac’s article about his first month here at FreshySites, and was interested to see that he has noticed this aspect of the way things are done here just like I have.  That shows me that it must be high on the priority list.  Being straightforward, honest, and transparent with customers is clearly the best business model, and it is being practiced every day here.  And frankly, I’m proud to say that I work for a company like that.  If you or someone you know could benefit from a website, and would like to work with a company that not only builds beautiful sites, but also takes care of its customers, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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