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Documenting and Using the Web Design Process

When carrying out website designing, web designers should create not only aesthetically appealing website designs but also those that are user-friendly and provide utility to target audiences.

Designers should create websites based on the client’s needs and requirements by properly researching information so that it reflects client’s personality and business category. They should properly plan and analyze each and every step of the web design process. It is important to have a meeting with the client in person to get enough information about their business, and the industry.

Before the meeting, web designers should also study about the client’s business and its market prospects.

Record the Web Design Process

Web developers should make two versions of the web design process; one for the client and one for the development team.

The process map for the development team would be a detailed one consisting of technical information to guide the design process. On the other hand, the process document for the client would be a simple map highlighting the project phases in layman terms without any technical information.

The website design process can be highlighted in a Microsoft Word document, Microsoft Visio, mind-mapping software such as Freemind or an internal web tool. We use and love the project management tool Asana.

Benefit from the Web Design Process

The way in which the design process is developed will vary for web designers and agencies based on their expertise and work methodology and also the project type.

They should create a process that helps the development team in successfully completing the project using the available resources and budget within the specified time-frame. One way of doing so is using bulleted lists but a website developer can have a more detailed version by adding resource links to each design phase.

The process can be outlined using project charter, invoice, client questionnaires, site map, database table charts and user accounts for adding more organization to the design process.

The documentation of the web design process is useful because it allows proper recording for tax and income purposes. Web developers should maintain a standard document format and folder for each client and project files.

Make the Clients Understand the Process

Individuals or businesses seeking a website are not aware of the differences between web design and development.

For them the task is simple as all they do is highlight their requirements, provide the content and make suggestions, and they get a fully functioning website at the end of a certain time period.

Web developers can dispel any possible confusion that the client has by having a well designed documented process in place to make them understand the intricacies involved in website development.

The developers should understand that clients are unaware of the design and development terminology and do not know the steps that are involved in the web development process. Designers should have a session with their clients where they highlight how the process works and what goes on behind the scenes.

Once this is done, clients would know what information is needed by web designers and when to expect what during the design process.

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