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Creating a User-Oriented Website Design

Today businesses must constantly keep track of changing technology and user expectations to keep their small business website relevant. For user centric web design, small businesses must incorporate branding into their site design and functionality.  During the web design and development process, web developers must view the website from the point of view of a new visitor and assess any strengths and weaknesses.  If they do not find the website interesting, they will just leave and move on to other websites.

To create a user oriented web site, you need to make sure that your users don’t have to work to find the information they need.  Below are certain guidelines that will help you create a user friendly website design.

Make It Clear For Users Where to Go

Make sure there are no dead ends in terms of navigation, site architecture and visual cues. When this is perfect, users will know where to go themselves without feeling uncomfortable. A website developer must not make the user pause too long or think too long before accessing web page content.

Highlight the Purpose of Your Website

Your website design should be one that complements the purpose of your website. You can ease the navigation on your user by using large buttons, and visual effects.  A webpage design will only appeal to the user when the main features of the website are noticeably highlighted on the webpage.

Make the Users Glued to Your Web Page

Website design should be attractive enough to make the human eye concentrate on elements that need to be focused on.  Visual elements such as edges, patterns, motions and images catch and maintain user attention rather than plain text.

Do Not Make Users Wait

When users do not have to follow too many instructions, they are at ease. When using a site or accessing certain information on products and services the user should not be prompted to fill out lengthy forms because they might not even visit the page if they do not like it. It is also pointless to ask users to register for something when they have not tested it or seen your abilities/portfolio.

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