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Corporate Web Design- What You Must Know

For small businesses, beautiful web design along with flawless functionality and navigation makes visitors likely to stay on the page and explore what products and services a business has to offer. A small business website design should have everything that your potential customer should know about your small business. From the company background to the customer testimonials and contact information, all information should enable your customers to make a well informed decision before they do business with you.

Here are a few tips for small businesses to make a simple web design uncompromising on effectiveness and user-friendliness:

Tell Them about Your Small Business

Whether someone randomly visits your website or looks up your small business in local search engine listings, your homepage and the rest of the website design should clearly point out to who you are. Your visitors should not end up investigating the entire website for long to find out who you are, what you do, and what products or services you provide. It should be right there summed up in one location: the Homepage. The homepage webpage design should catch the attention of the user in the first few seconds with your logo, graphics and a brief description of your business.

Highlight the Call to Action

Small business web designers cannot ignore the importance of a ‘Call to Action’ in a small business website. How else can you let you potential customers reach you or buy your product or service online when you haven’t clearly specified on your website? When you engage in small business web development, you should make sure your website is not a series of never-ending descriptive paragraphs. It should rather focus on driving traffic to your website by having calls to action such as ‘buy a product’, ‘contact’ or ‘subscribe’. There is no point of painstakingly going through the effort of attracting traffic when your call to action ‘click here’ button is barely visible in your content. These buttons are essential for higher conversions.

Don’t Forget the SEO

An SEO website design is worth the effort because when you employ search engine optimization techniques you increase your visibility to your target market. It leads to higher rankings on search engines leading to higher conversion rates and therefore boosts your small business growth. SEO techniques such as hyperlinks, keywords in Meta tags, headings and body text etc. are very essential for beating your competitor’s websites.

Make Navigation Easier

Website navigation affects the accessibility and usability and therefore it is one of the important factors that should be kept in mind. Make it easy for your visitors to navigate around your website and not to search too hard for information. This might just put them off and they might wander off to some other website. Your website design should emphasize on using drop down menus and clear ways of moving from one section to the other. Web developers should build a website that ensures easy navigability by using icons and logical groups of related links. Navigation should be graceful and natural.

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