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Consistency in Web Design and Development

The visual elements of a website design do more than just creating first impressions; they work in the background to make your website visitors more comfortable. Consistency in the layout and design of a website make user experiences more worthwhile since the small details of the website affect the mind at a subconscious level. With consistency in the site web design, visitors can easily navigate across the website and find the information they want. With inconsistent websites, users feel they are browsing another website after they have left the homepage but in reality they are still on the same website.
Consistency brings a unified feel and greater customer experiences leading to greater conversions. Consistency can be achieved when web designers rely on using website templates for the website. This ensures that all the web pages have similar graphics, typefaces, colors and other elements of visual appeal. Here is a small checklist which website designers can use to ensure consistency in website designs.

Typographic Consistency:

You need to check the consistency of the typographic alignment, vertical rhythms, typefaces, and typographic navigation across pages.

Graphic Consistency:

The website images should be related to each other and the content of the website. The colors, textures and sizes of the images should not only be consistent and match with the overall structure of the website but also with each other.

Color Consistency:

For web pages to be visually appealing, a consistent color theme with matching hues should be used across all the web page designs.

Icon and Button Consistency:

The icons and buttons used on the web pages should belong to the same family/group and match in size with the rest of the content.

When websites are created with different page templates, web designers should make sure that all the pages have a coherent and professional look. If web pages for a new website are being created, the web pages from the old website should be transformed and used since the old page would give an outdated impression. Aesthetic consistency can be ensured by keeping the web design simple using a color scheme with no more than 5 different colors and two font families.

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