The 20 Best Attorney Websites For December 2018

Having an online presence that accurately coveys the individuality of your brand and attracts future customers is imperative to the success of any attorney or law firm. Sites with unique design, thoughtful content and easy to manage navigation create the best online presence when it comes to attorney websites. 

These best attorney websites are ranked based on their ability to attract and inform visitors, while encouraging them to take the next step in their legal process.  

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20 Best Attorney Websites For December 2018

  1. Miles & Stockbridge : Miles & Stockbridge is a law firm that focuses on the three areas – finance & capital markets, manufacturing & distribution and real estate. As soon as you land on the homepage of the Miles & Stockbridge site, you’re greeted by a bold, green design that conveys a simple message that makes you want to learn more – “We Go the Extra Mile.”  At the top of the page, an easy to manage navigation system is clearly displayed, offering information on the lawyers in the firm, relevant news, cases and locations among other topics. Visitors to the page can spend time watching videos and reading to learn more about the company.
  2. Jenny Odegard : When you first arrive at Jenny Odegard’s website you might wonder if you mistakenly stumbled upon a designer’s website instead of a lawyer’s.  The sleek, modern, basic design of Jenny Odegard’s attorney website communicates a sense of calm and relaxation. Although there is plenty of information packed into Odegard’s site, the way it is laid out in the site’s one-page design prevents it from being overwhelming. Overall, this site made our list of 20 best attorney websites because of its simplicity and personal feel.
  3. Fasken : Fasken is a law firm serving over 50 industries and 20 different markets in Canada. For having an abundance of information to communicate, the site does a remarkable job of making it all simple to find and understandable. A bold design of orange and gray brings an approachable air to the website, while still remaining professional. Perhaps our favorite feature of the Fasken website, however, is the double-layered navigation at the top of the homepage. This navigation introduces all sections of the website to site visitors without being overwhelming. The individual profiles with pictures of each firm partner are also a touch that takes this firm’s website above and beyond the ordinary.
  4. Conroy Simberg : A results-oriented insurance defense law firm, Conroy Simberg has 11 locations in Florida and a lot of information they want to get across to their future clients.  The design of the website is fairly basic and does not have a lot of unique elements. However, the logical thought process behind the basic layout is exactly what this website needed to achieve its communication goals. What other law firms can take away from the Conroy Simberg website is that sometimes basic is better – especially when you have a lot to say.
  5. Gecic Law : The Gecic Law website is an example of an attorney website that is anything but ordinary. Video sliders and a transitional scroll capture the attention of any site visitor immediately and keep their attention long enough for them to get through all of the desired content. Black, white and red, the color scheme of the website pairs well with the extremely professional feel of the design and communicates to potential clients that Gecic Law isn’t interested in messing around – they get the job done. For us, this site is among the 20 best attorney website designs because it illustrates that branding is important to client attraction – and more than just a logo.
  6. Cates Mahoney : Cates Mahoney is a personal injury law firm based out of southern Illinois and is a great example of an attorney website that utilizes animation to its advantage. Although the color scheme and design of the website are rather basic, the animated slider and icons throughout the website keep a visitor engaged with the information the firm wants them to see. On the homepage, there is a clear opportunity to contact the firm as well as a display of achievements. In today’s world, websites have a very short amount of time in which they can capture the attention of potential clients and we think that Cates Mahoney makes the mark.
  7. Roulston Urquhart Criminal Defense : If there’s one attorney website that will make you say “whoa,” it’s likely to be the Roulston Urquhart Criminal Defense site. A female owned an operated firm, Roulston Urquhart means business and they want their site to convey that. The staff picture boldly displayed on the home page is reassuring to clients looking for a firm that takes their job seriously and the testimonials displayed underneath support that notion. All of the information on the website is easy to find through the navigation and not overwhelming, thanks to the thoughtful layout of each and every page.
  8. Lipsky Lowe LLP : Lipsky Lowe is an attorney website with a non-law theme that truly works to attract clients and keep them engaged in the page. Bold graphics, bright colors and a simple font make the pages easy to read, which is good because there’s a lot of content to take in.  As you go through the site visiting each page, you will be pleasantly surprised that the simple design and easy to read information continue throughout. And, to make the site even better, if you can’t find the information (we think you will) there is a live chat with a representative you can utilize in order to do so quickly.
  9. Tremain Artaza : If a visitor is stressed about their attorney needs before they visit the Tremain Artaza page, they homepage will quickly remedy that feeling and replace it with feelings of calm and confidence. The artistic and beautiful picture of mountains and a lake sitting in the background of a bold message is a unique touch that truly makes people want to engage in the call to action “Learn More.” One of the best elements of the Tremain Artaza page, besides the background graphics, is the fact that the amount of information on the homepage isn’t overwhelming. All in all, even if you aren’t looking for a lawyer or even a design for a website, the Tremain Artaza website is one you need to see.
  10. Dot : Far from a conventional attorney website, Dot is bold, simplistic and artfully designed to attract unique clients. As you scroll down the main page, an animation of a dot follows you as you digest information about the firm and why it might be right for you. One of the main functions of Dot is redesigning legal documents to make them more functional and attractive, while remaining legitimate. We believe that this website has the potential to sell clients on their services simply through its design.
  11. Acapo : A Norway based firm that specializes in trademarks and intellectual property rights, Acapo is truly a one-of-a-kind attorney website. The design of the website nods to its Scandinavian roots with neutral colors, bold fonts and a simple layout. An abundance of tasteful photographs, however, break up the white space on the site and draw visitors into the content the firm wants them to explore. The site offers a blog, as well as a special page for industry-related news meant to engage visitors as well.
  12. Dechert LLP : Dechert LLP is an attorney website that ranks among the top 20 because of its unique ability to display information that is relevant to clients and potential clients. On the homepage, there are bold pop-outs that display the names of recent articles and posts that visitors can easily use to access important information. Although the website does not immediately display information about who the firm is or what they do, the ability of the site to show their competency through self-published information sells even the most apprehensive visitors.
  13. Pillsbury Law : With offices all over the world, Pillsbury Law has the need to communicate a lot of information to people of many different cultures. And, thanks to the attractive multi-layered navigation, the site is able to do just that. The best elements of the Pillsbury website, that other attorneys and web designers can make note of, are the bold sliders and simple content composure. In the case of a website like Pillsbury Law, less is more because more is overwhelming and confusing. Sometimes having a lot to say means using fewer words.
  14. Horea Crisan Lawyer : Claiming to be a new breed of legal support, Horea Crisan has implemented a website design for his law firm that makes you believe it is true. The site is stylish, sophisticated and unique, making it fun for visitors to explore. A map on the homepage helps to illustrate where Horea Crisan is available for hire in a fun and intriguing way. The unique manner in which the navigation bar moves up and down the page as you scroll invites visitors to click and see exactly what Horea Crisan is all about. We appreciate Horea Crisan and rank his site as one of the best because it manages to be simultaneously unique and functional.
  15. Bick Law LLP : What does an elephant have to do with attorneys? We don’t know, but we like that Bick Law has decided to put one on their homepage. Exciting elements like the elephant in the Bick Law banner attract users and draw them into the page to learn more. Besides the elephant and other random animals on the page, the site has many other elements that helped it get into the top 20 attorney websites – simple navigation, bold calls to action and interaction profiles are just a few.
  16. Cheshire Law Group : A firm that specializes in non-profit law, Chesire Law Group has one of the best attorney websites online because of its cohesive design that attracts individuals from all demographics. Chesire Law Group understands that because their clients because are in the non-profit world, they have needs that are unique. Their site does a wonderful job of communicating their ability to meet those unique needs through the narratives on each of the site’s pages.
  17. James Love Legal : Completely unique from competitors in the same field, the James Love Legal website achieves the goal of making a statement to potential clients. The design of the website is completely artistic, and the little bit of thought it takes to navigate it is completely worthwhile. Each page of the website utilizes the same elements and therefore creates continuity that helps to keep readers engaged. Although the James Love Legal site might not be for everyone, it certainly works for the type of clients the firm is looking to attract – and that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?
  18. Thorpe Shwer : Thorpe Shwer is ranked among the  best attorney websites this year because of its exclusive design elements and bold communication techniques. The best element of the website is the navigation menu that pops out to cover the entire screen, eliminating any distractions that the background or other elements of the site might cause. This feature helps to ensure that visitors will access and digest everything they need to know in order to pursue retaining Thorpe Shwer for their legal needs.
  19. Buckalew, Frizell & Crevina LLP : The professional and clean presentation of the BFC LLP website is something that every law firm can strive for. Simple lines, clean text and attractive pictures all play a role in what makes this site one of the best. Likewise, the simple navigation at the top of the page makes it possible for anyone – no matter their technical skill – to access the information they need to be educated on how Buckalew, Frizzell & Crevina LLP can help them in their legal matters.
  20. Colodny Fass : To promote clickthroughs, the Colodny Fass website has multiple menus and calls to action site visitors can use to get the information they need to understand the services and capabilities of the firm. Turquoise and gray, the color scheme of the website is certainly professional, yet also maintains an element of fun through the attractive placement of professional photographs that illustrate the most important aspects of the business. We have chosen Colodny Fass as one of the best attorney websites on the internet because it gets the job of communicating with potential clients done without being complicated.

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