7 Best Law Firm Websites (October 2019)

In times of need, people turn to attorneys for guidance on a variety of personal and professional issues. Clients are looking for legal teams with guidance they can trust, and the internet is where they search first. It’s crucial for a law firm to have a great website because most clients interact with your band for the first time on the web, so it’s the best way to make a strong first impression.

The following list contains some of the most effective law firm websites available, so let’s take a look at what each does especially well:

  1. Counter Tax

    In terms of mastering a straight-talking, highly professional look, the Canadian tax litigation firm Counter Tax has a website with a ton of appeal. The calls to action are highly visible beside declarative, punchy text that characterizes them as playfully confident with the serious results to back it up. Not only do they list pricing information right on their site, their short employee bios also bring some staff individuality to the centrally charismatic character of the firm.

  2. Dinsmore

    The Dinsmore site is a perfect example of adjusting a typical design just a little to make it seem stylish and new. While their logo is a mellow tan and blue, the white border spacing around their homepage slides allows them to use virtually any colors for an image they want. The slide animations are engaging and not resource-intensive, adding to a more immersive homepage story about the type of law Dinsmore practices. Their header bar’s drop-down menu is very responsive and easy to quickly read without making you navigate to a new page.

  3. Beer Attorney

    Probably the funniest on the list, Beer Attorney nonetheless delights with a site that applies a topical theme effectively throughout. The staff bios all humorously relate to local experiences with breweries and bars without losing a hint of professional expertise. A little descriptively tongue-in-cheek throughout, their blog is also up to date on recent issues like distribution, and their testimonials speak volumes about their client satisfaction while advertising client logos for a small bit of advertising.

  4. Lipsky Lowe

    An unusually graphic design for a law firm, Lipsky Lowe uses a great and artistic homepage image to establish its brand as fighting in their clients’ corner for employment law cases. While some of the text blocks can be a little much for a new visitor, their clear calls to action and constantly updated case outcome descriptions show how active and current they are as a business. That they have both a regularly updated blog and case descriptions is solid evidence that they like to show theory and concrete applications of it instead of just one or the other.

  5. Small Law

    While not technically a firm, Small Law is a legal consulting agency with a unique site and comparable legal services as a firm for businesses operating in the Vancouver area. Their marketing is on point: the header for each section is random aesthetic object, like a hermit crab shell or a bright candle, to give their services an unexpectedly “no frills” view of their services that feels familiar and homey. The carefully-selected popups that appear with the otherwise minimalist design gives the brand a playful character: that they may seem small, but are experts regardless!

  6. Laureti and Associates, A.P.C.

    It might use some cliche lawyer design cliches, like the scales of justice and a wall littered with professional awards, but Laureti’s site pulls them off with such style and voice, it’s hard to ignore how effective the final product is. The looping, slow-motion video of Laureti conversing with clients and otherwise working is a great segue into the bio of him and his firm just beneath. All the higher-class touches don’t distance the brand from audiences more than make a very successful lawyer and his firm look engaged with each client in a personal way.

  7. Weinberg Wheeler Hudgins Gunn & Dial

    With an especially clean, gray-scale look, these trial lawyers keep their firm’s site imagery and logo pretty abstract and minimalist. Part of the trick with keeping their high resolution nature imagery gray is it makes still-pictures of dynamic things, like the site’s raging waterfall, more poised and nostalgic. Along with widescreen images of forest canopies and clear blue skies, these describe the tone and scale of the firm’s ambition more than anything, in particular practicing careful trial litigation that sets a client with greater peace of mind. Their slogan, “Listen. Think. Win.” reinforces this mindset of carefulness and seriousness the otherwise sparser brand brings to the table.

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