15 Best Attorney Websites (February 2019)

When people need an attorney, they look for someone with a credible record, reputation for great customer service and a strong work ethic.

Therefore, for an attorney to land clients, they need to have a website that communicates all of those qualities and more.

Here, we’re going to take a look at 15 websites that we consider to be 15 of the best attorney websites for February 2019. All of the attorney websites you see here have been built to attract customers and display the best qualities of the attorneys they represent.

So, if you’re ready to take a look at some of the best attorney websites on the internet, we’re ready to show you! Here we go!

The 15 Best Attorney Websites For February 2019

  1. Venture Legal : Venture Legal is a hot, young law firm based out of Kansas City, Missouri focused on providing legal assistance to start-ups, freelancers and small businesses. The look of their website is sleek, modern and fresh. From the moment you arrive on the Venture Legal homepage, you get the feeling that you’re in the right place. A bold slider displays the firm’s motto of “You Want to Change the World. We Want To Help.” And, although that’s not an incredibly significant saying, it communicates everything a new start-up, freelancer or small business needs to hear. From this website, you can take away that words, when used correctly, are a very powerful tool for your website.
  2. YLaw Group : Family & Divorce Lawyers, YLaw Group based out of Vancouver, British Columbia has a creative and intuitive website we love. It’s easy to see that the best feature of the YLaw website is the clever and creative sliders that grace the homepage. But, the rest of the website isn’t too shabby either. An easy-to-use navigation at the top of the page helps you quickly obtain information regarding their services, staff and recent awards. As you scroll down the homepage, you’ll also see large photo graphics that quickly help you access different areas of the website based upon the services you need.
  3. Fogle Keller Walker : Modern, bold, straightforward. That’s how we would describe the Foogle Keller Walker Law Group website. A black and yellow color scheme, large fonts and simple graphics create an attractive aesthetic for the site without overwhelming site visitors. At the top of the page, there are options to view the firm’s services, professional profiles, office locations and blog articles. We like the navigation because the tiered design makes it easy to use and incredibly inviting. At the bottom of the homepage, a unique map feature allows you to toggle between pins on a map revealing address and contact information for each firm branch. One lesson you can learn from the Foogle Keller Walker website is that sometimes, less is really more!
  4. Marks Gray : Marks Gray, P.A. Law Firm based out of Northeast Florida is an enterprise law firm with an outstanding website. Although the homepage for the site is very small and doesn’t offer a lot of information up-front, the attractive animated graphics and well-placed search bar make for an amazing design. Furthermore, just because there isn’t a lot of information on the homepage doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of information offered. Two separate navigations offer multiple access points to pages that convey information about the business practice and individual practice assistance the firm offers. And, as you surf from page to page taking in an abundance of information, we like how the site’s quality and style never changes.
  5. Gerstenzang Law : If you find yourself on the homepage of the Gerstenzang Law website, you might also find yourself slightly intimidated. But, don’t worry, that’s a good thing! After all, Gerstenzang Law is a firm that specializes in criminal defense. What we appreciate most about the Gerstenzang Law website is that you never question who will be representing you, because the site is all about Jennifer (the attorney at Gerstenzang Law). Each photo throughout the site depicts Jennifer going through the many stages of client representation. This website is the perfect site to find inspiration if you feel like your website is a little bit impersonal and could use some touching up.
  6. Mathews Group : The Mathews Group website is a one-of-a-kind attorney website that doesn’t make you feel like you’re there to do business at all. Instead, it makes you feel like you’re joining a family. From the fun scripted font on the front slider to the friendly photograph of lawyers at the bottom of the page, every element of the website has been well thought out to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Two separate navigation bars blend seamlessly into the page adding to the professional, yet friendly, look of the site. Likewise, site visitors can find contact information in two easy to find locations on the homepage, making it easier than ever to start doing business with the group.
  7. Strahan Cain : Strahan Cain is a law firm that’s known for helping entrepreneurs build and sustain their dreams. And, because their target audience is fun, creative, energetic people their website communicates just that. From the brightly colored background, to the illustrated widgets, everything on the Strahan Cain website says “fun” without being too cheesy. And, because they know their ideal client doesn’t have time to waste, all of the most pertinent information on the site is easy to access from the homepage. We commend Strahan Cain for their wonderful website and consider it to be one of the best because it was truly designed with their audience in mind.
  8. Knutson Casey : There isn’t enough room to say everything that needs to be said about the amazing design behind the Knutson Casey website. The bright colors, bold fonts, intuitive animations and live chat pop-up are all perfectly placed and meticulously crafted. A mix of fun and business, this law firm website leaves nothing to question for those who visit the site. From a simple navigation at the top of the page, to the well-crafted contact form at the bottom of the page, the lawyers (and site designers) at Knutson Casey really thought of everything. So, if you want to find inspiration in a website that offers great design and perfect functionality, the Knutson Casey website is it.
  9. Johnson Pope Bokor Ruppel & Burns, LLP : Breaking the mold, breaking the bold – that’s what the Johnson Pope Bokor & Burns LLP website reads as you enter through the homepage. From there a swirling background of colorful designs welcomes you and invites you in to learn more about the firm. Although some people might consider the website to be “busy,” we think it’s great because the bold design is completely unexpected from an attorney website. Furthermore, the further you explore the site and learn more about the firm, the more you learn that the design, in fact, fits them perfectly. This site also offers a wonderful example of how having knowledgeable articles and posts on the homepage can offer credibility to your services. Take a look!
  10. Workman Law Firm, PC : Just as you might suspect, Workman Law Firm is a law firm that represents employee work cases. This firm is based out of San Francisco, California and is a perfect example of a purely professional website that plays it safe. Colors like blue, red and black grace the website’s multiple pages and simple, stock photography highlight different areas of the city, making site visitors feel welcome and at home. What we enjoy most about this website is that it proves that you don’t have to have an out-of-the-box design to have a completely amazing website. All you need is a little bit of organization and a lot of well-written content.
  11. Robinson Duffy : Jill Duffy and Kim Robinson are two female attorneys based out of Minnesota who have dedicated their lives to serving people in child custody, divorce, business, estate planning and family law. For their website, Robinson Duffy did not choose a design that was overtly feminine, but one that communicated their professionalism and credibility. The large, basic font used in their navigation, homepage content and call-outs makes it easy for anyone to learn more about their firm and obtain their contact information.
  12. Optimum Employment Lawyers : The website design for Optimum Employment Lawyers is both fresh and professional. A gray, blue and white color scheme lends to the simplicity of the design. On the site, there are multiple opportunities to click-through and make contact with the lawyers at Optimum Employment Lawyers and get your case started. But, if you aren’t sure you want to start a case, the site also offers plenty of information on the services the firm provides, as well as education on why opening up a case might be the best choice for your situation. If you’re searching for a website that inspires you to take a simple template, and turn it into something extraordinary, then take a look at this site!
  13. Lyons Dougherty : From business planning to real estate and even commercial litigation, it seems like the lawyers at Lyons Dougherty do it all. And, when you visit their website you’ll find information on all of those services they provide and more. The bulk of the homepage information is provided on the homepage sliders, while all other information can be located by clicking through the navigation at the top of the page. We like this design because it helps site visitors to obtain the information they need quickly, without getting lost or distracted by unnecessary decoys and jargon. Furthermore, the colorful design of the page is attractive and creates excitement – a winning combination for any site!
  14. Acapo : Acapo is a law firm that specializes in legal services for businesses who need assistance with trademarks or other intellectual property cases. Acapo’s website makes our list of 15 best attorney websites for February 2019 because it truly is unique and amazing. A muted color scheme and bold illustrated buttons create a modern look that’s attractive to any site visitor, but especially intelligent business owners. All aspects of this site are easy to navigate and offer a plethora of useful information, lending to the credibility of the firm. Truly a web dream come true, the Acapo site is one to envy.
  15. Prodoc Kytel : Although it’s not truly an attorney website, Produc Kytel made our list of best attorney websites for February 2019 because they’re a business that offers services to attorneys – and they have a great website! Every photograph on the Produc Kytel website has been edited to reflect the same color scheme as the fonts and other page graphics. The text is bold, well-written and not overwhelming. Animations make navigation easy and add a level of intelligence to the site. Overall, Produc Kytel is an example of a website that seems to have gotten everything right.

There you have it! The best attorney websites for February 2019We hope that you’ve visited each site and found some inspiration you can take away to make your firm’s website more credible, attractive and informative to your audience.

If you found any ideas from these sites that you want to incorporate into your website, but aren’t sure how to make that happen – just contact FreshySites!

Our expert team is ready to jump in and help make your website dreams come true.

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