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Top 30 Orthodontic Care Websites in 2020

A variety of dental problems, including decay, lack of preventive care, and poor eating habits have made it so that orthodontists are more in demand than ever. As a result, this group of professionals has really stepped up their game and worked to build better websites. These improved websites both attract new customers and instill pride in existing customers, who may then be more prone to share their orthodontist’s information with others.

2020’s Best Websites of Orthodontic Care Providers

Here’s a list of 30 of the best orthodontist websites in 2020, selected based on their sharp graphics, useful information, amazing pictures, and outstanding marketing.

  1. Truman Orthodontics

    One of the best things about Truman Orthodontics is the gorgeous picture of a craggy canyon and blue sky. It’s different and draws you right in. The website has clearly been updated recently, allowing you to click on a button and book a virtual consultation with either orthodontist at the practice. Its menu is sharp, eye-catching, and contains an array of useful information.

  2. Dublin Orthodontics

    Dublin Orthodontics has a nice nature-themed website with shades of green and a leaf that appears above menus as you mouse over them. The pictures of both kids and adults give you a good idea of who can visit this office, and the site is smartly formatted to make for easy navigation.

  3. Beverly Hills Orthodontics

    The first thing you see on the Beverly Hills Orthodontics site is a big chat bot. It doesn’t wait for you to sit at the website for a few minutes, as many others do — it is just immediately available. You can also sift through this site and find a wide variety of information that will almost certainly answer any question you have.

  4. South High Dental

    South High Dental has all the usual features: A sharp website, pictures of happy, smiling people, and excellent content. It also has a rare and very convenient right-side menu that offers a variety of easily accessible options, including a way to schedule an appointment and pay your bill.

  5. Elite Orthodontics Group

    Elite Orthodontics Group has a background video playing, and it’s a good one, showing their actual office, their staff in practice, happy patients, and dental technology at its finest. This is a great way of capturing attention and showing off all they have to offer.

  6. Gibbs Orthodontics

    Gibbs Orthodontics is very different, in a good way. Its background video takes up the entire screen, leaving room for only a live chat box on the left and a menu of icons on the right for directions, patient log-in, and social sharing. Scrolling down reveals more information, including info about the practitioners and a button to click for a complimentary consultation.

  7. Leone & Vaughn Orthodontics

    A gorgeous picture of the Leon & Vaughn Orthodontics office fills the screen, while a down arrow takes you to photos of the practice’s three orthodontists with buttons you can click to learn more about them. There are options to expand the menu and a form that lets you know the practice cares about your health and updates the site regularly.

  8. Molen Orthodontics

    Molen Orthodontics has a sharp color scheme and an expanding website that hides a huge amount of content. Clicking on any of these links lets you get a grasp of Molen’s services and obvious expertise. As you scroll down the home page, you can see a helpful menu of available treatments.

  9. Zuroff Orthodontic Care

    The site for Zuroff Orthodontic Care prominently displays a box for requesting a consultation and a link to a form to fill out for a virtual consultation. Scrolling down reveals more information about the practitioners and all the services they have to offer, plus directions and a patient resources link.

  10. Dr. Heather Brown Orthodontics

    The color scheme at Dr. Heather Brown Orthodontics — blue, green & brown — is unusual, but it works nicely. It highlights its social network presence. This is a smart move for an orthodontic practice, and offers a wide array of content. A large, handy button lets you see available times and book an appointment.

  11. Justus Orthodontics

    Justus Orthodontics greets you with alternating photos of smiling families, the team at the practice, and some interactions with patients, emphasizing that all ages are welcome. A live chat box invites you to get in touch.

  12. Image Orthodontics

    Image Orthodontics opts for a long front page, but it works well. Its horizontal, multicolored format makes information easy to read and find, and it has some good highlights, like allowing readers to read reviews from actual patients.

  13. Orthodontic Care of Georgia

    Orthodontic Care of Georgia has an uncommon pop-up: A coupon, ensuring that new users can get a great price. It pairs this with a virtual consultation pop-up, allowing visitors to immediately engage with the practice.

  14. Quality Orthodontic Care

    Quality Orthodontic Care uses a background video, one that smartly highlights their office space, staff, and patients. It has a comprehensive and easy-to-navigate menu as well as two big buttons for a free consultation and the ability to change the language on the website.

  15. CMO Orthodontics

    CMO Orthodontics has a rotating series of pictures highlighting service, technology and patient satisfaction. They come with clickable buttons that allow you to schedule an appointment. A nicely formatted pull-down menu also gives an array of useful information.

  16. Cash Family Orthodontics

    Cash Family Orthodontics is a family business, and it shows, as the first picture you see is of the father and daughter practitioners. From there, you can scroll through their pared-down site that reveals a huge amount of information about who they are and how they can treat you.

  17. Georgia School of Orthodontics

    Georgia School of Orthodontics has a pleasing color scheme of blues and whites, making the content easy to read. It has a prominent quick-access button for pricing options. Its menu bar offers a vast amount of information about the practice, treatments, and other facts patients typically want to know.

  18. Crawford Orthodontic Care

    Crawford Orthodontic Care opts for easy-access buttons that allow users to reach a patient portal or call the practice easily. The menu hides some unique options like the ability to take a virtual tour and see everything the practice has to offer.

  19. Broad River Dentistry

    Broad River Dentistry employs many images of happy smiling people to illustrate what their services can do for their patients. Scrolling down on the homepage brings you to details about their services, including Orthodontics.

  20. Greater Boston Ortho

    The photos at Greater Boston Ortho can’t be beat. A fantastic picture of the orthodontists in their office alternates with one showcasing high-tech equipment. Icons at the top highlight “top dentist” awards. Scrolling down reveals more information, including before and after pictures. The single stationary button offers the chance to request an appointment.

  21. Noguchi Orthodontics

    Noguchi Orthodontics has a huge, smiling picture of Dr. Noguchi, allowing users to “meet” him. Clicking on that button reveals a huge amount of information about this dentist. Other options include information about procedures and a chance to get a free consultation. There are also “patient rewards” that allow patients to earn prizes.

  22. Elegant Orthodontics

    Elegant Orthodontics also smartly highlights their “top dentist” awards, giving you confidence about their competence. Scrolling pictures grab your attention and allow you to click on a button for more information about who they are and what they can offer you. There is also a wide-ranging menu that offers an array of information, including relevant dental articles to read.

  23. dotSmiles

    Pop-ups help steer you the right way at dotSmiles, where you can immediately book a virtual consultation. Scrolling down reveals more information about the practice’s services as well as client reviews. It also has a nice menu that doesn’t get in the way of the rest of the impressive content on the front page.

  24. Miami Beach Orthodontics

    Miami Beach Orthodontics chooses to highlight its Miami roots, showing off the city skyline and gorgeous beaches. A chat bot allows you to ask questions and get immediate answers, and social buttons are highlighted, enabling you to check out their high-quality content and Instagram page.

  25. Mariani Orthodontics

    Gorgeous Miami visuals also grace the site for Mariani Orthodontics, but scrolling down reveals a wealth of information. You can read more about their practice, their services, patient reviews, and the qualifications of the orthodontists who work there.

  26. Martinez Orthodontics

    Martinez Orthodontics has a sharp format. Scrolling down reveals easy-to-find buttons you can click to find out all about the practice. Highlighted information includes reading about the orthodontists, learning more about the procedures they offer, and getting an office tour.

  27. ShoreSmiles

    The color scheme on the site for ShoreSmiles — purple and turquoise — is attractive and makes you want to read more. The huge photo of a smiling woman that dominates the upper portion of the home page is nicely done. There’s an effective menu at the bottom, and in between is an inviting picture of the orthodontist with a form to schedule a consultation.

  28. Duan Orthodontics

    Duan Orthodontics chooses big buttons, superimposed on welcoming photos, for requesting a virtual consultation or an in-person appointment. Interestingly, it also has a handicap button that allows disabled users to change the layout of the website. This is both considerate and a wise marketing decision.

  29. Sorensen Orthodontics

    Sorensen Orthodontics has a really interesting comparison on one of the photos that alternate at the top of the site. it shows the difference between Invisalign braces and traditional ones. It also has big, round buttons that highlight popular pages, including the ability to meet Dr. Sorensen and get a “free smile exam.”

  30. Chenin Orthodontic Group

    Several photos of happy people greet you at the Chenin Orthodontic Group site, beautifully illustrating the practice’s motto: “Making Smiles, Changing Lives.” There’s a variety of information on the menu, but what’s really unique here is the “fun zone” highlighting things kids can do to earn points to redeem for prizes.

The websites above are exceptionally sharp and do a great job of taking what could be rote business information and making it exciting, engaging, and interesting.

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