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What Every Orthodontist Website Should Be Doing

Before scheduling an appointment with an orthodontist, most people are wanting to ask a few questions first.

While searching for a great orthodontist online, the two questions most likely to pop up are:

  1. What kind of services does this orthodontist offer? (And what do those services actually do for me?)
  2. What do other people think? (Where are the reviews?)

Orthodontists that are able to show up first to answer these questions are likely to get the business, which means figuring out how to do that is critical for your practice’s success.

When you use your website intelligently, you not only answer these questions, but you provide value to your audience too, which means they are more likely to trust and like you. Answering these questions online is considered a smart part of your content marketing strategy – websites that do it effectively almost always succeed.

As an orthodontist, you need to be using your website to engage your audience. And, while many people sit around wondering how to best do this, the answer really is simple: Give them what they want.

If you’re creating content that is designed to answer the questions they have, then you’re automatically priming your website to engage. And, not only that, but you’re also priming it to rank well in searches too.

While it’s obvious to try to show up for people who are searching “Orthodontists in Albany New York,” it’s just as important (and easier) to show up online for searches like, “How do braces work?” or “How much does dental surgery cost?”

Answering these questions with your content positions your practice as an authority, making people feel good while simultaneously bringing them to your site.

Ask yourself this, “What are the top questions being asked online right now that relate to my orthodontist practice?” Spending time (and sometimes money) to create content that answers these questions in a smart, compelling way is one of the most effective ways to generate new leads, day and night, 24/7.

Do your research to make sure your assumptions are right and then get going!

Your content and blog, so long as it’s on an attractive, functioning website, is one of the best ways to help your customers find you!
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