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9 of the Best Dental Website Designs

If you’re a dentist, website design can play a significant role in attracting new clients to your practice. Never overlook the value that a modern, functional and secure website provides to your business. Compelling website copy, clear calls to action and warm imagery help dentists convey their promise to provide excellent care for all their patients. Here are nine of the best dental website designs.

Best of Dental Website Design

  1. Hancock Orthodontists

    Hancock Orthodontists is a perfect example of a website built for attracting new customers. With its highly visible navigational menu at the top of the site, visitors can download intake forms, view services or find the contact page to get in touch with staff.

  2. Tend

    In a saturated market like New York City, it can be challenging for dentists to stand out among their competitors. However, Tend does an outstanding job, with a sophisticated and straightforward site that uses multimedia and plain language throughout the design elements. A “Book Now” button at the top of the page makes it easy for visitors to schedule an appointment.

  3. Bethesda Family Dentistry

    One of the key features that makes Bethesda Family Dentistry stand out is offering disabled visitors website accessibility tools. These accessibility tools allow users to control multiple aspects of their experience, such as increasing or decreasing font sizes, changing the contrast and adjusting the background color. Additionally, it is simple to find all of the different services offered by this dental care practice in Bethesda, Maryland.

  4. Hazzouri Dental

    Hazzouri Dental, based in Scranton, Pennsylvania, stands out because of the simplicity and thoroughness of the website design. It includes professional photos of the dentists at the practice and has a live chat feature to answer questions and capture lead information, which is always helpful for building a client list and providing a higher level of customer service.

  5. Valley Endodontics

    Valley Endodontics, based in Corvallis, Oregon, answers some of the questions visitors might have about dental implants and root canals first and foremost on their homepage. Additionally, their site includes favorable testimonials, industry endorsements and functionality to request an appointment. A comprehensive navigational menu helps potential clients find out more about the different dental services offered at the practice.

  6. Cedar Village Dentistry

    In a smaller market, having a robust website helps you stand out among other dentists who serve the area. The Cedar Village Dentistry website integrates immersive video and a live chat feature to engage with visitors on the site. The use of original images taken on-site, instead of stock photos, gives the site a feeling of authenticity. With its supportive content for all the different services it provides to clients, visitors can leave the site with a better understanding of how Cedar Village Dentistry can help them improve their smile and feel more confident in the Mason, Ohio, area.

  7. Glo Modern Dentistry

    When you live in Hollywood, having a Hollywood smile is a must! The Glo Modern Dentistry website uses video, images, client testimonials, special offers and links to featured articles on other esteemed publishers to help build trust and authority as a respected cosmetic dentistry practice serving the Los Angeles area. A convenient contact form located at the bottom of the homepage makes it easy for visitors to send a message and secure an appointment at the practice.

  8. Comprehensive Dentistry

    Comprehensive Dentistry in Ypsilanti, Michigan, has a full website that uses on-site video to capture the essence of the dental practice. Before-and-after pictures of clients help show how choosing Comprehensive Dentistry’s practice for all family dental care is the right decision. Additionally, access to critical patient forms online is helpful for patients who want to fill out their forms before arriving for their appointments. Patients who are anxious or apprehensive can choose from items on the practice’s Comfort Menu to make their dental care a more relaxing experience.

  9. Village Dental FH

    Village Dental FH is a professional dental website that offers accessibility tools that make using the site easier for disabled visitors, meeting ADA compliance standards. Additionally, the homepage of the site has a live chat feature for visitors to speak with a representative. A “Book Appointment” button makes it simple for visitors to schedule an appointment online, and a list of the current special offers helps entice new or returning clients to take advantage of special pricing.

As you can see, the best dental website design seamlessly integrates a variety of features and functionality to create a unique and conversion-oriented sales funnel.

If you’re a dentist who needs help to align your dental care website with your practice, give our dental website professionals a call to discuss your project today.

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