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5 orthodontic websites doing content marketing right

Out of all the incredible things your website can do for your orthodontic practice, one of the best is generate new leads. And, one of the most effective ways to accomplish that is to create an awesome content marketing plan.

Unlike other types of marketing, content marketing is often free — you just have to make the content. If writing isn’t your thing (or you don’t have time for it), hiring someone or a company to do it for you is still less expensive than most traditional marketing campaigns.

Not only can the right content get more people to your website for free, but it’s also a great way to educate your audience while developing a relationship, one that makes conversions easier in the future.

Below are five great examples of orthodontic websites that understand the power of content marketing — and that are taking advantage.

  1. Docbraces

    Regularly updated, this niche orthodontic practice keeps its content fresh. In doing so, not only do they answer questions for their potential customers (cementing themselves as an authority in their niche), but they also improve their SEO. Search engines like when you make updates to your website because it ensures them that you are staying relevant. Keeping up with your blog, then, is a smart way to take out a few birds with just one (well-written) stone.

  2. Jorgensen Orthodontics

    While updated less frequently than is recommended, this New Mexican orthodontist still uses his blog strategically by leveraging the power of tags and meta copy. Both of these moves ensure that the posts he does make get in front of the right audience.

  3. Orthodontics Limited

    One of the most current orthodontic blogs in the industry, this practice updates its website’s content several times every month – sometimes a few times each week. This type of prolific publishing keeps their website at the top of searches. And, although not all of the blogs are keyword heavy, this type of valuable information (the kind that their current patients would also enjoy) actually goes a long way in demonstrating to their clientele that they put them first – not search engines.

  4. Gorton & Schmohl Orthodontics

    This California-based orthodontic practice uses keywords and keyword phrases to develop almost all of its content. A smart strategy especially when it comes to SEO, almost all of the posts’ titles are in question form, something that most individuals use when trying to find information with online searches.

  5. Orthodontics Only

    Updated about once each month, the Miami Orthodontist blog uses a mix of content, from informational to personal, in order to keep their audience engaged and informed while still generating new leads through relevant searches. Not overly ambitious, this type of content marketing strategy is something that almost any orthodontic practice can mimic without any outside help.

Whether you go all in with several posts each week or just commit to updating your practice’s blog each month, you’ll still be doing more than the typical orthodontic website, which leaves its blog untouched for months at a time.

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