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How Orthodontist Sites Can Capitalize on Marketing

To make sure that your website is seen online and capable of converting visitors to customers, it’s important that you take advantage of a few smart marketing principles. Because the world of orthodontics is so competitive, especially online, it’s no longer good enough just to have a simple website that features your phone number and address.

The best orthodontic practices stay at the top of their game because they are willing to update their websites in a way that leverages superior marketing strategies.

While there are several strategies that you can use as an orthodontist to stand out from the competition, below are three of the most important to consider.

Don’t Be Better, Be Different.

For orthodontists, the best kind of marketing is the kind that demonstrates why you’re different from other competing practices.

Being better is subjective, and puts you at risk of being undercut with prices and reviews. Whether it’s your personal story or the niche you’re in (maybe you focus on serving women and children or maybe you target the high-end, luxury crowd), you need to ensure that you’re saying something different on your website in order to not just become white noise in a crowded market. The more specific you can be also helps your marketing because it allows you to generate leads from less competitive search terms. Every page on your website is an opportunity to stand out and be different.

Utilize the Power of Referrals.

Word-of-mouth marketing still reigns, even in our increasingly digital world. The best orthodontists know how powerful this type of marketing is and, as such, make sure that their websites capitalize on it. Your customers are looking for specific calls to action; they actually want you to tell them what to do. By working a smart referral program into your website’s design, you can encourage referrals and get loads of new clients because of it.

Always Think About Your User.

Building a user-friendly website is key to making sure your marketing gives you the results you want. As an orthodontist, most of your customers are wanting to make sure you are someone they can trust, but they also want to be able to book appointments quickly, have their questions answered instantly, and find your location with ease.

If your website isn’t doing all of these three things really well, then it’s likely you’re missing out on clients and conversions.

While every orthodontist website is unique, the one thing every successful one has is superior marketing.

When built right into the design of your website, this type of marketing does a lot of the hard work for you, giving you the tools you need to generate new leads without even trying.

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