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The top 5 dental websites with smart marketing in 2023

While most industries are competitive, few can compete with what the top dentists and dental offices are up against. In order to stand out and keep a constant stream of new clients through the door, the best dentists are using smart marketing on their websites.

Done correctly, this marketing doesn’t just generate leads 24/7, but it also builds brand loyalty. And, as all dentists know, reputation and word-of-mouth marketing is everything.

Below are some of our favorite smart marketing utilized by dental websites that understand the power of leveraging marketing.

  1. Randy A. Miller, DDS: Although it’s simple, there are a few things this website does that are really smart (and often overlooked). First, the main copy and images are kept above the fold, which means visitors don’t have to scroll down in order to see what’s important. Second, they don’t make you search for their phone number, contact form, or other pertinent information – it’s all right there at the top and displayed in universal icons that nearly everyone understands. As a bonus, the website offers a “Free Smile Analysis,” a built-in quiz that engages visitors, simultaneously building trust and compelling them to take action.
  2. Brittany M. Nichols, DDS: A picture says a thousand words and this dental website understands that. People pay more attention to faces than copy and, when you’re a dental office, why not capitalize on just that? Aside from the instantly engaging pictures, another thing this smart dental website does right is that it doesn’t hide the story behind the practice. The home page features a personal welcome from the head of the practice to help develop connection and trust from the get-go.
  3. LA Dental: Great marketing is simple and straightforward. This top Los Angeles dentist capitalizes on this by putting its pricing at the very top of their website. Rather than fielding tons of questions about cost or losing customers who are under the impression that their services are too much (or spending time with potential customers who can’t afford it), they call attention to it from the moment you land on their homepage. Their calls to action are also spot-on — bold and easy to find.
  4. Pearl Dental NYC: Beautiful design isn’t the only thing this dental website has going for it. By implementing a “Book Online” tool, this practice cuts down on the need to field calls to schedule appointments and allows customers to book at their convenience. In addition, you’ll see that this dental office uses the power of content, in this case in the form of their blogs and specific pages designated to the types of services they offer, to help generate leads from Google searches.
  5. Chu Dental Group: Visually stunning, this dental website uses smart marketing to convey luxury, its images coming across as more of a hotel or spa than a dental office. Scrolling down, you’re moved through their story, learning about their services, their mission, and their dentists. Thanks to social media, people today are programmed to enjoy scrolling and beautiful images, and this website takes advantage of both.

If you’re wanting to take advantage of smart marketing practices with your dental practice website, let our team at FreshySites work with you today! You may also be interested in seeing the top dentist websites of this year.

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