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Secrets for an Incredible Dental About Us Page

After your home page, your ‘About Us’ page is the most visited page on your website. Because it will get looked at frequently, it’s important that you’ve done a good job structuring it. From the text to the overall layout and even the decision to include photographs or videos, every aspect of your about us page makes a difference.

If you’re wanting to make a great first impression – and help convert more sales while you’re at it – then you need to pay attention to what your about us page is saying.

For dentists, your ‘About Us’ page is even more important because your services are so personal. Not only do you want to develop trust with your audience, but you also want to make sure you stand out.

To the general public, there isn’t much of a difference from one dentist to the next. In order to keep a lead from going to another local dental website, you need to captivate them on your About Us page and, if possible, sell them right then and there.

Crafting an incredible About Us page takes time and often requires the help of professionals in order to get everything just right. Most big businesses will hire an entire team, filled with designers and copywriters, in order to develop their ‘About Us’ page. But, if you don’t have a big budget, that doesn’t mean that you can’t improve your current About Us page on your own.

Here are 6 secrets of great ‘About Us’ pages you can implement on your dental website right now:

  1. Be Fact-Based. People don’t want to feel like they’re being sold. To combat all of the hype most marketing relies on, instead use as many facts as possible. For dentists, this is actually pretty simple as you can highlight facts about why regular cleanings are important, new research about dental hygiene, etc.
  2. Answer Questions. Put yourself in your clients’ shoes – what do they want to know? Rather than making them search for answers throughout your entire website, address the most important right there on your About Us page.
  3. Get Personal. Your About Us page is the best opportunity you have to create a real connection with your audience. What can you share with them that would make them relate? How can you become a “real person” instead of just a dentist?
  4. Tell a Story. Stories are captivating. Use the human fascination with stories to keep your visitor on your page. Bonus points if you can work in your values and your mission too.
  5. Use Powerful Visuals. A headshot is nice, but candid shots or photographs of you actually at work in your office can be even more compelling. If you’re comfortable on camera, film a video that can be used to increase engagement.
  6. Brag as Needed. While you don’t want to make your About Us page a boring list of awards and certifications, you definitely want to make sure you include your experience. In any medical or service-oriented profession, personal experience and credentials go a long way to set you apart from the crowd.
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