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Right Visual Hierarchy for Lawyer/Attorney Websites

When your potential client lands on your law firm’s website, what happens? Chances are that if you’ve only built your website to look nice, not much. You’ll have to rely on luck and need in order to generate the type of leads and conversions you want.

If, however, you build your lawyer or attorney website strategically, then you will actually control what happens.

If you want your website to perform well (and your attorney practice to succeed because of it), then you need to do more than just basic DIY website design.

The way your website’s design is laid out impacts your audience much more than most people realize.

Every detail, every component has the potential to encourage engagement and generate sales. If these details aren’t maximized and leveraged to their fullest capability, then your website really won’t do much, especially when you’re competing against some of the best top-performing lawyer websites in your area.

The visual hierarchy of your website dictates how well it will perform.

Not only does this hierarchy impact how your website looks, but it subtly influences the way your audience engages and follows directions. If you have a Call To Action (CTA) button that is encouraging visitors to call for a consultation, but it rarely gets clicked on, then there’s a good chance that something is off in your website’s visual hierarchy scheme.

Jeffery Veen, the author of The Art and Science of Web Design, explains the importance of web design well.

He says, “Designers can create normalcy out of chaos; they can clearly communicate ideas through the organizing and manipulating of words and pictures.”

When designed thoughtfully, your website can actually predict the experience each of your visitors will take, allowing you to craft their journey by compelling them to go from one page or section to the next.

If you want your visitor to see your About Us page and Services page before focusing in on your offer, then understanding this hierarchy is essential. And, while there’s no one way to create a perfect visual hierarchy for your attorney website, there are some fundamental principles you should understand.

If you’re not planning on designing and building your own website, you should still read on, as knowing what to look for when hiring a website designer can help you make a smarter decision with your business’s money.

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