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Top 25 Attorney Websites of April 2018

The digital marketing landscape has evolved into a crucial area for promoting your business. As an attorney, having a top-flight website for your law firm can greatly increase your firm’s visibility and lead to more clients in the long run.

Many top law firms now have excellent websites that enable private citizens, businesses, and public agencies seeking legal advice or representation the ability to identify the right counsel, and connect with them quickly.

Today’s best attorney websites are optimized for speed and conversion to help potential clients obtain information fast, are mobile and user friendly, and are well-formatted for efficient site navigation with a crisp visual presentation. 

Now, here are the top 25 attorney websites for April 2018 — based on presentation, performance, and site traffic.


  1.  White & Case : White & Case is a global law firm that offers various legal services to businesses and governments throughout the world. A simple drop down menu promotes ease of navigation throughout the site, and expansive overhead photographs layered with additional links regarding its practice and scope promote the idea that this is a firm with truly global reach. This site also scores well in mobile speed and optimization, with fast desktop speeds. Last month, there were about 265,800 visits to the site, and it averages around 270,000 visitors a month.
  2. Hogan Lovells : This site disregarded extensive color schemes and layouts with a relatively simple, black and white design that’s accentuated with a little touch of lime green. And it works very well, because complementing the simple color scheme are several colorful photographs on the homepage. Visitors will appreciate the simplicity, and the site has just the right amount of graphics to hold their attention. The site has a lot of information to take in, but navigating it all is relatively pain free due to a very efficient system of menus and links. This website brought in 182,300 visitors last month and attracts about 180,000 monthly visitors.
  3.  Clifford Chance : Sometimes simple is all you need. This corporate law firm offers a relatively minimalist layout with a touch of visually stimulating graphics to capture a visitor’s attention, but doesn’t overdo it. Its menu system works well and navigating the site is painless. The site attracted about 170,100 visitors last month and brings in about 170,000 visitors a month.
  4. Morrison Foerster : This website has a clean and professional presentation that stays clear from overly flashy colors and graphics. It has an efficient menu system enabling visitors to find the information they need fast, and features options to connect on social media. It also includes an array of extra content to keep visitors engaged on the site, including a blog on legal trends in the technology industry. The site brought in about 151,700 visitors last month and attracts about 150,000 visitors a month.
  5.  Fragomen : A global immigration law firm, Fragomen’s website offers a clean and crisp presentation. It has a simple menu system leading to information about the firm and its services, along with case studies and other content to keep visitors engaged. This also inspires confidence in the firm for potential clients. Desktop speeds for this site scored in the average range. The website attracted around 135,900 visitors last month and averages about 140,000 visits a month.
  6. Weil : Varying shades of green give this gridlike design a unique touch that jumps off the screen. Each section leads to different areas of the site, encouraging exploration and visitor engagement. There’s a lot of information to digest here, but this global corporate law firm organizes all of it very efficiently. The firm also offers visitors the option to connect with the firm on social media. This site attracted 91,000 visitors last month, and brings in about 90,000 visitors a month.
  7. Gowling WLG : Gowling WLG is an international business law firm based in Canada. It has an eye-catching homepage with a white and dark-purple color scheme, and a colorful photograph displaying a brightly lit commercial district to catch a visitor’s attention. Satisfactory speeds and optimization on both desktop and mobile complement the site’s efficient menu system. The site averages about 80,000 visitors a month and brought in about 81,700 visits last month.
  8.  Quinn Emanuel Trial Lawyers : Quinn Emmanuel Trial Lawyers is a global firm specializing in numerous areas of business law. How do you know? A quick placement of the cursor over the “Practice Areas” tab quickly displays an expansive menu of options regarding how the firm can help potential clients. To help visitors obtain information about the services they’re looking for, and fast, the site compresses its massive quantity of information about its services into an efficiently organized catalog. In today’s fast-paced global economy, speed is key to attracting business-oriented clients who are surely busy already. The homepage is capped off by revolving high-resolution photographs of several major city skylines for a beautiful presentation overall, while also promoting the idea that this firm has global presence. The site also scores well in both mobile and desktop speeds. It attracted about 72,400 visitors last month, and averages about 70,000 visitors a month.
  9.  Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati : The website of Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, which states it’s a “legal advisor to technology, life sciences, and other growth enterprises worldwide,” has a simple, minimalist design. And there’s something very attractive about it. A colorful, visually satisfying graphic serves as a complementary backdrop to the bold white font and a black and purple color scheme. With nowhere else to go on the homepage, visitors are encouraged to explore the site via its effectively organized menu system. The site offers fast mobile and desktop speeds, and scores above average in desktop optimization. The site attracted about 60,400 visitors last month, and brings in about 60,000 monthly visits.  
  10.  Axiom : This corporate law firm wants every business that visits its page to know that the firm is capable of tackling the complex legal challenges facing modern businesses in a rapidly evolving global landscape. Its simple and effective website is dedicated to making potential clients aware that the firm is cut out for the task. The site attracted about 49,000 visitors last month and brings in about 50,000 visitors a month.
  11.  Arnold & Itkin : Arnold & Itkin is a Texas-based firm specializing in maritime law. The firm offers counsel to victims of maritime injury in several states along the Gulf Coast, and proclaims that it’s represented over a third of the victims of the Deepwater Horizon disaster. The site has a beautiful presentation with varying shades of blue, with a layout that enables visitors to quickly scan text for information. To promote conversions, the site has several client testimonials on its homepage, with a phone number that is highly visible in bold white text at the top right corner. Although the site does not score as well on desktop, the site offers good mobile optimization. Arnold & Itkin currently brings in about 50,000 visitors a month.
  12.  Dorsey & Whitney : This business law firm has several of its accolades in plain view for any visitor that comes to the site. A sweeping graphic of outer space promotes the idea that this is a firm operating on the cutting edge. The black, yellow, blue and white color scheme combined with several creative graphics contribute toward a crisp and sophisticated design. There are also options to connect on social media. This site scored above average in mobile and desktop optimization, and enjoys fast desktop speeds. It brought in about 40,500 visitors last month, and attracts about 40,000 visits a month.
  13.  Quarles & Brady : Quarles & Brady is a corporate law firm that represents businesses throughout a variety of practice areas. Its website has a clean, navy blue presentation with colorful links to client testimonials on the bottom of the homepage. These links are in clean view for the visitor and demand to be clicked, leading to testimonials on how this firm has helped its clients. Judging by its website, the firm has identified who its target clients are and has tailored its site to reflect that. Desktop speed for this site scored in the middle of the pack. Quarles & Brady currently attracts about 45,000 visitors a month and brought in about 43,900 visitors last month.
  14.  Wachtell Lipton Rosen & Katz : This New York City law firm has a very minimalist website. There’s no frills about it, there’s just four links available to bring the visitor to different parts of the site showcasing the firms practice areas and other information about the firm. It’s not going to turn any heads, but perhaps that’s the point. The visitor is only going to find the information they’re looking for; nothing more, and nothing less. This site attracted about 34,500 visitors last month and brings in about 35,000 visitors a month.
  15.  Staver Law Group : Staver Law Group is a Chicago-based law firm that mainly specializes in personal injury. The site has simplified drop down menus that allow visitors to quickly specify how they were injured and the services they’re looking for, and a visible phone number and live chat feature allow visitors to quickly get in touch. An attractive red hue complements the black and white layout of the homepage. The site brought in 22,700 visitors last month and averages about 25,000 monthly visits.
  16.  Hodgson Russ : There’s a lot going on here, but that’s the beauty of it. This website presents a gridlike display of graphics and links of varying color schemes that all work very well together. This will surely catch any visitor’s attention. The site also allocates its menu system to the left-hand side of the page, as opposed to just about every website on this list, whose menu systems are located at the top of the page. There’s a lot of moving parts, yet they all blend very naturally into a sophisticated layout that works. The site scored above average in mobile optimization and enjoys fast desktop speeds. It attracted about 20,600 visitors last month and currently brings in about 20,000 monthly visits.  
  17.  Bighorn Law This Las Vegas personal injury and workers compensation law firm utilizes a relatively simple design scheme on its website. But the site has many features visitors will find useful. The site has pages dedicated to both case results and testimonials so visitors can read about past success the firm has experienced. It features a settlement calculator that enables people to estimate how much money they may be entitled to. There’s also a live chat feature to help people connect with the firm quickly. These features are arranged in a way that helps them stand out to the visitor. The site attracts about 20,000 visitors a month.
  18.  O’Meara Law : A Chicago-based defense attorney, O’Meara Law has its accolades in plain view on its homepage that is hard to miss. This promotes that the visitor doesn’t have to go any further in their search for a qualified attorney. A phone number is displayed prominently so visitors can connect quickly, and simplified drop down menus allow the visitor to quickly find the information they’re looking for. The site averages about 9,000 visits a month.
  19.  YLaw Group : This family law firm has received accolades both for the firm itself and for its innovative website design. The site has a simple color scheme punctuated by several creative graphics. It has an excellent menu system that efficiently organizes its range of services, while also dedicating ample space for the firm’s various awards and client testimonials. From a visitor’s perspective, there’s no doubting the firm’s credibility and success. Topping it off, the site comes complete with an award winning family law blog. The website offers above average mobile and desktop optimization, above average desktop speeds, and attracts about 8,000 visitors a month.
  20.  Tremain Artaza A scenic view overlooking a lake greets visitors when they arrive on this simple, yet effective website. Scroll down a little further, and several accolades awarded to this employment law firm are in plain view. The website is stocked with client testimonials and offers multiple options for potential clients to connect via the site. Visitors have the option to schedule a consultation, submit a case online, or send a message. All of these options are presented via the contact link, which is highly visible on the top right corner of the page. The site scores above average in desktop and mobile optimization, and averages about 6,000 monthly visits.
  21.  Waldon Adelman Castilla Hiestand & Prout Judging by its website, this Atlanta civil litigation firm likes to think outside the box. This is creative, effective messaging that will resonate with any visitor. The site is consistent with its message by utilizing a color scheme and design that incorporates cardboard throughout. The site offers good mobile and desktop optimization and brings in about 6,000 monthly visits.
  22.  Johnson Pope : Visitors will surely be drawn by the bold white font and the alternating display of vibrant graphics on this site. The brilliant graphics complement what is otherwise a relatively simple homepage that is easy for any visitor to navigate. This creative scheme continues as the visitor explores the rest of the site. The sophisticated yet simple design of this website is made better by satisfactory desktop and mobile optimization. The site averages about 5,000 visitors a month.
  23.  Banks Law This Philadelphia-based workers compensation firm has a unique, visually striking presentation. Behind a light green hue are coinciding videos of traffic passing by on Philadelphia streets, and numerous people going about their day. It’s a refreshing change of pace compared to many attorney websites, and it’s sure to pique a visitor’s attention. It also promotes the idea that this firm represents the everyday city resident. The rest of the site looks just as good. The presentation is well thought-out, but mobile and desktop optimization scored on the lower end of the scale. The slick video graphics may not work sometimes on desktop or mobile. Yet still, this attorney website is a worthy addition to the list.
  24.  Weinberg Wheeler Hudgins Gunn & Dial It’s simple, crisp, and attractive. What more can you ask for? This litigation firm has a simple website design with gorgeous black and white photographs of various scenes in nature. The simplicity ensures visitors won’t get lost or overwhelmed on the page, and its effective menu system categorizes the firm’s swath of legal services in an orderly fashion. The site scored very well in both mobile and desktop optimization, and enjoys fast desktop speeds. It currently brings in about 4,000 visitors a month.
  25.  Lash & Goldberg : Is there any attorney website more aesthetically pleasing than this site? You’d be hard pressed to find one. A Miami litigation attorney, Lash & Goldberg has a very attractive website with a very simple menu system that draws visitors in, and allows them to find information about the firm quickly while sparing them from information overload. The site only gets more attractive as you scroll down. Although the site only brings in around 1,000 visitors a month, it’s attractive and unique design for an attorney website warrants a spot on this list.

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