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Overcome Basic Website Syndrome with 5 Simple Steps

Competition is tough for lawyers and law firms. That’s why taking advantage of every opportunity to stand out is so important.

Your website is one of the best ways you can make waves, showing your audience why you’re different and, most importantly, why they want to trust you to get the job done.

Thanks to website templates, free “design your own website” tools, and cheap website development services, more and more websites look generic.

These basic websites, although easy to set up and affordable, can actually make your business look unprofessional – that is if anyone ever spends more than a few seconds on your pages.

Want to make your lawyer or attorney website design stand out?

Here are five tips for overcoming basic website syndrome:

  1. Don’t Try to Appeal to Everyone. Being bold with your website design, from the colors and images to the text and videos, makes it very clear to your audience who you are and what you do. While it’s tempting to try to create something that everyone will love, doing this makes you more likely to blend in.
  2. Don’t Copy the Competition. Rather than looking to the best, most successful lawyer and attorney websites for inspiration, try looking outside your niche. Finding a website design you love, no matter the industry, can help your site look fresh and unique.
  3. Do Copy Good Copy. The best companies in the world have spent thousands (if not millions) of dollars crafting each and every word on their websites, especially when it comes to button text and calls to action. Mimicking specific phrases and words on your site will make sure your site, while bold and different, still is effective. Again, looking outside your niche can provide you with smart inspiration that will make an impact on the way your law firm is perceived.
  4. Don’t Make It About You. The most basic lawyer and attorney websites all make this one critical mistake: They make it all about themselves. To upgrade your website and make it stand out, break from tradition and focus on your audience. What can you do to improve their experience? How can you change the story so that it’s about them, their lives, their future?
  5. Do Ask for Help. Designers do what they do for a living. While it’s possible to develop a website with today’s tools with little help, enlisting the help of a team of professionals is really the best way to elevate the final look, feel, and functionality. Yes, you can cut your hair yourself. Yes, it does look better when someone who knows what they’re doing does it instead.
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