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Featured Site: Tiny Textures Salon

For this week’s Featured Site, we wanted to focus on a super fun website – Tiny Textures Salon.

Tiny Textures offers an array of natural hair styling for kids, helping to increase their self-confidence. Since going into their salon is such a kid-friendly experience, our goal was to create a website that is just as appealing to kids of all ages.

This is exactly what our team delivered for them.

A Fun And Kid-Friendly Website

As soon as you open Tiny Textures Salon’s website, you are greeted with bright colors, graphics and fun animations. The website is filled with real photographs from the salon, continuing to keep the site very visual and authentic.

Our team designed the logo to include the bright colors of blue, yellow, pink and green, which are reflected throughout the website, while it also making it clear that this is a site for “a natural hair salon just for kids.”

Even though this website is full of amusing visuals, its functionality makes it extremely simple to schedule an appointment, contact Regina or the Tiny Textures team and receive all of the information you may be looking for.

Enjoy this fun, bold and kid-focused website by heading to tinytexturessalon.com. We’re sure that it’ll bring a smile to your face as you view this site – enjoyable for both children and adults.

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