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Featured Site: Chianis + Anderson Architects, PLLC

In this Featured Site blog, we’re shining a light on Chianis + Anderson Architects, PLLC.

As elegant and functional as the buildings, homes and facilities they design and create, Chianis + Anderson’s website is exactly what this experienced, imaginative and innovative firm was looking for in their online presence – brought to life by FreshySites.

A Perfect Online Representation

The simple, sleek website is the online embodiment of the strong presence this trusted business stands for and the expertise the Chianis + Anderson team brings to every one of their healthcare, commercial, residential and interior design projects.

With every feature stemming from a unique sidebar menu, there’s no shortage of eye-catching imagery and perfectly branded visuals to look through, as well as interesting content to read, on this site. 

Browse through the incredible projects they’ve brought to life, learn about who’s on the Chianis + Anderson team, the firm’s history, their social updates, news coverage and so much more.

Don’t wait – head there now!

FreshySites highly encourages everyone to explore and enjoy this beautiful, one-of-a-kind site by visiting chianisanderson.com.

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