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Featured Site: AlphaStaff, Inc.

We’re back with another Featured Site Friday! We’re here to showcase AlphaStaff, Inc.‘s website, which may just be one of our most intricate and polished sites to date.

Over the course of a year, FreshySites worked with AlphaStaff, Inc., an outsourced HR organization in Fort Lauderdale, FL to help them rebuild and restructure their website design in order to make it more modern and user-friendly.

And – if we do say so ourselves – we didn’t disappoint.

AlphaStaff, Inc.’s website is filled with dozens of pages of content all broken down into easy-to-navigate panes and drop-down menus for site visitors to learn all about the services AlphaStaff, Inc. offers.

The site’s sleek design and warm color palette compliments the mission of an organization dedicated to helping thousands of business owners improve their companies through managing costs, hiring and retaining top talent, etc. every year.

Among the many things AlphaStaff, Inc. specializes in, their team focuses on human resources, payroll and tax administration, risk and compliance, 401(k) retirement plans and more for small and medium-sized businesses across the country.

Head over to AlphaStaff, Inc.’s site today and see for yourself! FreshySites highly encourages everyone to learn more about the services AlphaStaff, Inc. offers, as well as the cool features that define their beautiful website by visiting alphastaff.com.


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