Distributed Operations

Step 2 : Test

First things first

Congrats! We’ve accepted your Distributed Operations (DOps) application. Now we’re ready to see your abilities first-hand, before fully bringing you on board into the program. This involves a test project.

This isn’t for a real client, so please don’t consider this as “working for free”. This is your final step, to see if your work is up to our standards. If you feel that it is, please continue. We’re not looking to waste anyone’s time.

Based on the result of the test project, we’ll let you know if we’re ready to bring you into our DOps program. Not everyone in the program needs to be a Divi rockstar, but they should certainly be fluent in it.

Taking the test

Completing this test project does not guarantee acceptance for future work, nor payment. However, if you are accepted into the program, you will be offered real client projects and competitive payment for each one completed.

Testing requirements

You’ll need to have a server capable of running WordPress, where the install has a public domain so we can review the test when completed. This is only a requirement for this test. If accepted into the DOps program, you will not need to use your own server on real client projects.

Migration File Instructions
Manual Fileset Instructions
Important Notes
Migration File Instructions
  1. Create a clean install of a WordPress on your own server
  2. Install All-in-One WP Migration plugin on your install
  3. Download our All-in-One WP Migration export file (.wpress)
  4. In your WordPress admin area, go to All-in-One WP Migration > Import and import the .wpress file.
  5. Please follow the instructions to update your URLs, by going to Settings > Permalinks and clicking Save Changes two separate times
Manual Fileset Instructions

If not utilizing the supplied All-in-One WP Migration export file, we also offer you the option of manually adding the fileset to your own install (wp-content directory and database). This lets you add the wp-content directory to your install (e.g., via sFTP) as well as import the database (e.g., via PhpMyAdmin).

Note, you will likely need to replace the following domains with your own, if you import the actual .sql file.

  1. Create a clean install of a WordPress on your own server
  2. Replace your wp-content folder with the one you downloaded from us
  3. Import the .sql databae file
Important Notes
  • These files will overwrite your current install (database, media, plugins, and themes) with a copy of our “FS Template” install.
  • This will bring you to the same starting point that you will start from when you begin a real website project with us, as all of our projects start from a cloned version of our “FS Template” install — since it contains our basic Child Theme files, has certain plugins already installed, and has some WordPress and Divi settings already configured.
  • This will also remove your user and will add a FreshySites admin user. The password for that user is

    You are, of course, welcome to add your own admin user to your install.

  • The Divi theme and certain plugins may be outdated since our export was created for you. We always recommend updating everything before starting.
  • Regardless of if you use the All-in-One WP Migration file, or manually add the files yourself, you’ll need to start from our setup to ensure you’re utilizing the proper plugins, theme, configurations, etc.

All-in-One WP Migration file

Grab the .wpress file and import it into your install via WP All-in-One Migration plugin. That’s it!
Download file »

wp-content and database fileset

Download the wp-content folder and the database .sql file so you can manually import our install.
Download fileset »

Test Project Details

Now that you know how to create your test install, let’s provide you with the information you’ll need to build the site and its content!

Build Standards + Expectations
Installation Specs + Processes
Housekeeping Tasks
Build Standards + Expectations

FS expects that these standards will be followed with every project (including this test). Projects that do not meet these expectations will not be accepted until resolved.

  • Build with the Client in Mind
  • No Broken Links
  • Proper CSS Formatting
  • Images Named & Optimized
  • Logical Page Structure
  • Usability/User Experience
  • Properly Responsive Site

For more in depth information, please review this Google Doc.

Installation Specs + Processes
  • Must use the provided FS Template install
  • Must use the Divi theme and Divi Builder with the existing Divi Child theme
  • Must use Gravity Forms for any web forms (this is already installed)
Custom code:
  • All CSS must be within the Divi Child theme’s style.css at the end of the file (Appearance > Theme Editor > style.css)
  • All JS must be within the Divi Child theme’s script.js (Appearance > Theme Editor > script.js)
  • If you need to add custom PHP functions for some reason, please go to “Snippets” and create a new one. This uses the Snipplets plugin which is already installed. Do not modify the Divi Child theme’s functions.php file.
  • For additional photos beyond the client images, please use unsplash.com . We also have a bigstockphoto.com  account if needed, so feel free to use watermarked images from there too.
Divi specific:
  • Make use of the real Divi footer when possible (via Theme Customizer and using Widgets), rather than creating the footer within the Divi Builder. However, if the mockup’s footer isn’t really easy to do via the regular Divi footer, then please utilize the Divi Builder by creating a global Library section for your custom footer.
  • Do not modify core Divi files such as header.php or footer.php
Housekeeping Tasks

Each WordPress site you create needs to have the following steps done, before you begin creating the rest of the site!

Update Site Title & Tagline:
  1. Navigate to Settings > General
  2. Change the Site Title to the name of the business (found in Project Brief)
  3. Change the Tagline to something that makes sense (short description of business)
Set Up Contact Form Email:
  1. Go to Forms > Contact > Settings > Notifications > Admin Notification
  2. Send to Email – put client’s email address (found in Project Brief)
  3. From Email – put no-reply@domain.com (change domain.com to the final domain of the website)
Add Favicon:
  1. Go to Appearance > Favicon
  2. Create a 260 x 260 file of an icon in Photoshop or Illustrator, and export as a transparent PNG
    Replace default favicon by uploading PNG file and clicking “Generate Favicon” button
  3. Configure all settings in RealFavicon editor window (including colors, etc.) to what looks best
Update Footer Copyright:
  1. Go to Divi > Theme Customizer > Footer > Bottom Bar
  2. Replace “Site Name Here” with the appropriate brand name (found in Project Brief)

Your Task

This test consists of the following steps. Once you’ve completed these, please submit your test website to us, by using the form below.

  • Create your a WordPress installation on your server, using one of the provided “FS Template” install files above (Migration file or Manual fileset)
  • Familiarize yourself with our Build Standards, Expectations, Installation Specs, Processes, and Housekeeping Tasks
  • Download our supplied Project Assets files for this test
  • Based on the supplied information, complete the initial Housekeeping Tasks, then build a Home page, About page, and Contact page

Project Assets

Download this information that will help you understand the project details, and what to create.

With each project, we sit down with our client and capture specific information related to the project. This is referred to as our Project Brief. It’s one of the first things we create for each new project. It contains useful information on the client’s business, and their wishes and direction for the new website.

Project Assets will contain the approved Mockup to use (in Adobe .xD format), as well as a JPEG or PNG version. It may also include any other files needed to help reproduce the Mockup.

In addition, it includes content — which is usually text and images provided by the client — that should be used for each page. Use your judgement for arranging content onto the website. Layout direction isn’t always given (nor will content always fit perfectly compared to the Mockup).

Project Assets Fileset

Download the assets needed to build this test project.
View fileset »

Submit Your Test

All set? Once you’ve built the test project, please send us a link so we can view it. Please also be sure to send an Admin’s username and password, so we can poke around the backend to see how you built it.

Before submitting your test link, we highly recommend referring back to our various Build Standards, Expectations, Installation Specs, Processes, and Housekeeping Tasks — to make sure your website is built to our “best practices”.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


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