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Step 1 : Apply

What is DOps?

FreshySites has a robust in-house team of WordPress designers and developers, and is now expanding the team via our Distributed Operations program (DOps). We are seeking talented remote web designers who are experienced with WordPress and the Divi theme.

We consider this a great opportunity for the Divi community, as we plan to offer a continuous stream of website “build” projects. While FreshySites will continue to develop websites in-house, we will also be hand-picking certain projects to be sent through the DOps program. This will allow the approved DOps members to “bid” on jobs as they wish, with their proposed price quote.

How do I join?

How do you get approved to join our DOps program, so you can start building websites for FreshSites? Please fill out our application form, which will also include a “test” website build (with instructions) if your application is accepted. Based on your application (Step 1) and the result of your test project (Step 2), we may grant you access to the DOps program. You’ll be able to view all open projects, submit your quote, and earn real money when your bid is accepted by us.

Wait — there’s a test?

Yes, consider this your “interview” or pre-onboarding screening. After submitting the application, you may be given a small website project to see how you handle particular aspects of the job — including decision-making, organization, following directions, and quality of work. Completing the application and the test does not guarantee work nor payment. However, if you are accepted into the program, you will be offered real client projects and competitive payment for each one completed.

So what’s the catch? There isn’t one, really. If you aren’t accepted, you can look elsewhere for more work. If you are granted access, you’ll be added to our system where you can view real projects that we send to the DOps program — that you can bid on as you see fit. You’ll work directly with an in-house FreshySites employee, and won’t need to interact with the actual client.


When will I get paid?
Who handles client revisions?
What stops you from always choosing the lowest bid?
Where do I build the site?
How will I know what to build?
What are the benefits of this program?
When will I get paid?

You will be working directly with FreshySites — not the end client. Therefore, you will be paid once the FreshySites Project Manager deems the project as “complete” based on the supplied Project Brief and client’s content. You will not have to wait for the client’s approval. In fact, your payment will be remitted before the client views your work. Payment will usually be remitted within 24-48 hours of the Project Manager’s marking the task as “complete”. Please note that the Project Manager may feel it necessary to provide you with internal revisions before approving the website.

Who handles client revisions?

FreshySites expects the DOps person (you) to be responsible for any internal revisions. Those are revisions that the Project Manager deems necessary, before being able to send the link to the client. However, once the client receives the link, they may have revisions of their own. These are known as client revisions. FreshySites does not require you to complete client revisions. When possible, FreshySites will attempt to complete these revisions in-house. However, we may reach out to the DOps person to see if they are something you wish to complete for us. If so, you would be compensated for completing the client revisions.

What stops you from always choosing the lowest bid?

The lowest/cheapest bid may not always be awarded the project. Over time, we will get a feel for what each DOps person is capable of, and whom will best fit the particular project. Therefore the project will be awarded by a combination of factors — beyond lowest bid — including skill set, accuracy, interpretation, etc.

Where do I build the site?

Once accepted into the program, you will be able to bid on client projects. After winning the project, we will create a WordPress install for you, on our servers. You will not be be required to create the install yourself. In fact, it’s required that you build the website on the supplied install (FS Template) — as it contains our Divi Child theme, specific plugins, and various settings already configured. This will help you get started much quicker, rather than having to create a clean WordPress install each time. The plugins and theme will already be there! We will supply you with the development link and login information to get started.

How will I know what to build?

Each project, before you even bid on it, will contain the requirements. This often consists of:

  1. Approved Mockup (in Adobe xD format)
  2. Project Brief (with basic information about the client and their wishes)
  3. Content (text and images for each page, as well as any other structural requests)

There may be times when stock photography is also necessary (if client hasn’t provided any photos). We can provide details about our stock photography library as needed.

What are the benefits of this program?

Working with FreshySites comes with multiple perks:

  • Work with a professional team
    We live and breathe WordPress, and our entire business is built around our web design and development. You’ll work with us — we are your client.
  • Structured environment
    You’ll be on-boarded into our project management tool, to ensure projects and communication are streamlined and consistent each time.
  • You set the price
    With each project, you quote your desired fee. We understand that quality comes at a price.
  • Balance your work life
    You decide when to bid on a project and when to pass. There’s no pressure to accept projects you’re not interested in.


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