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Our FreshySites Support Process

When asked to describe FreshySites’ customer service/support, we felt three words summed up our mindset and above-and-beyond process in this area of our business:


  • Hands-on
  • All-encompassing
  • Collaborative

Everyone has experienced those feelings of frustration and hopelessness when you encounter a technological problem and the customer service/support process to solve it involves sitting on the phone listening to a recording, or an automated email thanking you for your support ticket submission, with no follow-up.

FreshySites’ support is in direct contrast to this experience – because we value our clients first and foremost.

When you’re working with our Support Team, you’re dealing with dedicated, innovative, caring human beings who are willing and ready to give you the necessary guidance and tools to help you and your business/organization’s endeavors succeed.

We understand that website design, SEO, online advertising, digital marketing, etc. is uncharted territory for many of our clients. We are the link to this world for our customers who don’t know the ins and outs of these industries like we do.

We don’t take that responsibility lightly, which is why we’ve built our company on an Ethos, starting with one point that we consider to be the core of our identity at FreshySites – serve the customer.

Our support process is a clear embodiment of this.

As an FS client, you don’t just get a beautiful website and revitalized online presence.

Among many other benefits, you get a Support Team made up of individuals committed to helping you, that will be with you from the day your website launches to long beyond that if you need us.

So to all our clients – past, present and future – this series is for you!

We want you to understand our support process so you can see first-hand how important you are to us and how we’ve built our process around serving you better.

Through this Customer Service/Support series, we plan to introduce you to the members of our Support Team, shed some light on how we make support such an integral part of our company, as well as explain the inner-workings of our internal support processes – all for the clients who give our business a purpose.

Make sure to catch new posts in our Customer Service/Support series every other week.

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