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Why I <3 Blogs

For quite a while I was very against blogs.  I thought that blogs were for computer people who sit on their computers all day reading about computers.  Then one day a friend recommended that I check out a blog that they had recently found.  It was written by a woman who had a lifestyle very similar to mine.  After reading one of her blog posts, I was hooked.  I felt like I was friends with her, like she totally understood me and thought about the same sorts of things that I thought about.  Then I discovered another blog, and another (bloggers like to link to other bloggers, it seems).  And now what do I do when I have a spare minute or two?  I read blogs!

There are a few reasons why I love blogs so much.  First of all, there is a blog for everything under the sun.  There are funny blogs, serious blogs, informational blogs…you name it, you can find a blog about it.  Second, blogs are usually pretty short and easy to read when you don’t have too much time on your hands.  Being a new parent, I have realized that time is precious.  Sometimes sitting down and reading a book is just not in the cards for that day.  But I usually have five minutes here or ten minutes there to sit and read a blog on my phone.  Which brings me to my third reason: YOU CAN READ BLOGS ON YOUR PHONE.  Which means that no matter where you are, if you have internet service, you can read a blog.  And it also means that you pretty much always have some interesting reading at your fingertips, because chances are, you have your phone with you at all times.  You might not always have a book or a magazine with you.

And so here I am, starting to write for FreshySites as their lead blogger and blog manager.  I plan to blog about small businesses, web design, and how the two work together.  I will also try to talk about various business-related events going on in the cities that FreshySites serves.  Thank you so much for reading our blog, and I hope you find it useful and informative!

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