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White Space- Should I Consider It In My Website Design?

Negative space should not only be considered when you are looking forward to a simple website design but rather is important when you design all sorts of websites. Negative space, also commonly known as white space, is that portion of the website that does not include any content. You can also refer to it as the space between different web page content sections. Now white space does not necessarily have to be white, it can be any solid color or consist of patterns, gradients and background items.

Why Concentrate On Negative Space?

There is no law the singles out a good web design from a bad design but with general guidelines you can master the art of designing impressive websites. Designing a webpage involves more than just using attractive design elements but rather involves making use of many different objects in a functional and logical manner. Along with aesthetics, the physical space between different content on the web page matters. Web designers should analyze the arrangements of various web page elements and effectively use negative space. They cannot have images on the web page overlap onto each other and merge making it difficult for the user to figure out. The white space keeps the visitor’s eyes focused on the essential objects. The trick for using negative space is to train your brain NOT look on the content of the web page rather on the content inverse i.e. the white space. Negative space can balance or line up objects in a design for attracting visitor attention.

Leave White Space

Empty space in design does not translate into filling it up with something rather it SHOULD be left empty. With negative space, the content areas will fit naturally and logically with the website design. When planning your content areas, they should flow naturally and when empty spaces arise, let them be by not filling them up. The web content takes up a lot of space on the website and is usually read by readers. Web developers should not lose focus on the body copy and add more blank space around text, characters and paragraphs to making the text more readable. Using paragraph tags and indentation of paragraphs help separate content areas and leaves ample space above and below the paragraph.

If certain items on the page belong to the same family or are related to each other, then they should be placed near each other as compared to other objects. A good web site design does not at all depend on the amount of negative space rather on the distribution. The gaps on the web page must not be similar in volume rather proximity should be used for creating visual connections between elements.

It can be said that effectively utilizing negative space does not mean more quantity rather proper utilization to create the impact.  Web designers can improve website design layouts by assessing the current volume of empty space and figuring out which areas have an excess and which need more white matter.

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