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What it takes to be a Web Designer?

Web developers are creative and flexible individuals that transform a visitor’s web browsing experience into a delightful one. Each web designer has his/her own way of doing the web design and development process and therefore can fall into any of the three categories: the artist, the scientist and the philosopher.

The Artist

The web designer who exhibits artistic traits is one who has a keen eye for shape, color and designs and works hard to create aesthetic web designs. He/she is passionate about the visual elements in the site web design and uses imagination and inspiration from the surroundings. A web designer with artistic skills stays updated with the latest design trends and is less interested in the mechanics of website design. They use tools such as Flash, Photoshop and other such graphic design software to create a beautiful web design.

The Scientist

A scientist is a web developer who is proficient in programming languages and best knows coding. He/she is comfortable with scores of PHP text lines and the complexities involved in the structure of the web design. They are updated with the latest in coding technology, have a great memory and can solve problems logically. Writing codes requires much creative skills as those required by artists and philosophers.

The Philosopher

Website designers who exhibit a philosopher’s traits are friendly, empathic beings who are interested in the end users of the website. They tend to create websites based on client’s requirements with a main focus on latest trends and target audiences. He/she carries out UX and usability tests, supports the end user and audits websites. They concentrate on what is best for the entire team: the client, the web designer team and the website visitor.

What Are You As A Web Professional?

Web professionals based upon their abilities and skills can be the artist, the scientist and the philosopher.  A good web professional exhibits all three traits and requires an equal measure of skills related to art and design, theory and development. With some self-analysis, you can find out your special talent but you should remember that there is a need of all three in the industry. All rounded web professionals use all these approaches when they are handling client web design & development projects.

How to Be an Expert Website Designer?

Web professionals want to be an expert in their field to be taken seriously and given respect and value.  How do you become an expert? Malcolm Gladwell in his book ‘Outliers’ outlines in order for you to become an expert in a specific field, you require 10,000 hours of practice. This translates into almost four years of work for a full time web designer. No doubt expertise requires perseverance and time and past mistakes yield important lessons for you to learn. To become an expert you also have to be passionate about what you do and learn new things or push boundaries. You have to portray yourself as having style and substance in what you say and how you say it.

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