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Web Design Elements That Are Often Overlooked

A great website design allows for better connection with the visitors and provides positive experiences. Many a times, certain essential elements are ignored or overlooked when it comes to designing web pages. These crucial elements mentioned below should be kept in mind when web developers concentrate on web design development.

  1. Lead Your Visitor Different elements on your web page should play around with the visitor’s sense of vision to make him/her stay glued to the web page. The arrangement of different elements on the web page is of utmost importance as each of them carries different visual weights. A good website design should actually lead the user to different elements on the page in a sequence the web designer desires. With tools such as positioning, color, contrast, size and design elements, web designers can direct users from the logo on top of the page to an engaging image, followed by the main body text.
  2. Importance of White Space Good web developers realize the essentials of white space or empty space on a web page to give proportion, balance and contrast to the page. With an uncluttered web page, all elements seem to become more vivid. The line spacing between the text lines greatly enhances the readability without putting too much strain on the eyes. The space between the text and the other elements on the page such as tables, images or borders is also important as it separates out different elements. White space makes it easier for the user to scan and analyze the page and divide it up into readable sections.
  3. Make It Easy For the User A website is not simply an accumulation of text and graphics but rather the utility and usability carries significant weight. Today, web developers stress heavily on user centric designs because it is the visitor who clicks the mouse and decides everything. If a visitor cannot navigate well or use any feature on your website, then there is no use of having that feature on your website. There are certain principles in web design that have to be followed because they are universal standards such as an underline text implies a hyperlink. Moreover, with the concept of prototyping, web designers can actually test the design before launching it completely. It has to be understood how users interact with websites, and what are their thinking patterns. This will aid in web design development keeping in mind how to make it easier for visitors.
  4. Manage Consistency throughout the Website Design Consistency is a very critical element since it is a vital design attribute that makes visitors more comfortable as they view your website. Elements such as font choices, coloring, button styles, spacing, heading sizes, design elements and choice of graphics of each web page should match with the theme of the entire website so there is design coherency not only on the same page but within pages. Inconsistencies result in bad design and awful perceptions of quality. Web developers can achieve visual consistency with a good set of CSS style sheets that runs in the background for each web page.


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