Binghamton NY

Two New Binghamton, NY Websites

Good Day for Website Design

Today was a good day for FreshySites as we added two new websites to our web design customer list. We are continuing to grow at a great pace and have a few more sites lined up for the near future!

Website Design #1

The first website we worked on was for the Southern Tier Times. This website is going to be used for a local writers to spread the word on what good things are happening in the Binghamton, NY area. It is a very simple design and layout but gets the job done in style!

Website Design #2

The second website we worked on today was for a company that wrote and produced the book Remembering My Daddy. The goal of this website was to show off this great product to the world in a way that is simple to understand. We also took some time to make sure the calls to action were strong and it was very simple to place an order.

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