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Importance of Staying Up to Date on Support Tools

Over the last few months, we’ve covered a lot of ground and focused on a variety of topics in our Customer Service and Support series, all leading up to this last point and post.

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is for us to stay sharp and up to date on the tools and resource we use each and every day.

Our thorough knowledge of our customer service tools, as well as our willingness to learn and readiness to adapt to changes in those platforms are a few of the top ways our Support Team serves and supports our clients as responsively and effectively as they do each day.

Experts in Our Field & Tools

Like we said in our post discussing the unpredictableness of being on the FS Support Team and self-care for Support Team members, technology – in our industry especially – is constantly changing. Each day, Google, HelpScout, WordPress and countless other platforms we utilize to serve our clients, are rolling out new features, updates and adjustments to their current systems and processes.

In order to be an effective Customer Service/Support Team, we have to both anticipate these changes, as well as educate ourselves on these adjustments whenever they go into effect – always Adjusting as Needed and Asking for More from ourselves.

Reading industry articles, listening to different podcasts, as well as sitting in on ongoing webinars are just a few of the ways our Support Team/the FS team overall constantly strives to educate themselves on updates to the tools we use, and learn about new – or existing – customer service techniques and support best practices other companies utilize to overcome obstacles we’re facing or issues our clients are running into.

The Purpose of Customer Service – To Help & Serve

When it comes down to it, our customer service and support processes are defined by how personal and enjoyable we make the experience for our clients – relying on collaborative, face-to-face training sessions, in-depth screen-shares and more – as well as how effectively we can help and resolve issues for our clients.

Because that’s what our Support Team is there for – to be the experts our clients need us to be so we can consistently serve them better and improve their professional lives, just as much as their websites.

For those clients who utilize our Support How-To guides regularly, take a look at our online Client Support Hub with easily-accessible resources to help you further understand your FreshySites website and all its features. Check it at :)

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