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Importance of Face-to-Face Client Interactions

In our most recent blog post in this series, we discussed how making customer service and support personal is an integral part of ensuring the members of the FS client family know how important they are, as well as maintaining the respect and trust of the business-to-client relationship.

Despite the fact that our Support Team uses a personalized email system like HelpScout each day, we strive to go further in making sure our support process is as thorough, effective and human  as possible.

Among other methods, this comes in the form of having face-to-face interactions with our clients as often as we can.

Keeping It Personal

Whether through an in-person training session if a client isn’t comfortable utilizing our Support How-To guides on their own, a follow-up meeting about specific aspects of the website they don’t understand and so forth, face-to-face interactions with our clients keep our support process even more personalized.

This allows both our Support Team, as well as our clients to attach faces to email exchanges and personal stories to businesses’ websites – in addition to conveying to our clients that they have someone on their team they can contact with ease and know they’ll receive a thoughtful, helpful and timely response from. 

Always Serving the Customer

Because as we’ve said before, we understand that our clients are real people with busy schedules, both in and outside of the office, as well as questions and concerns about web design, website hosting, SEO, etc. who need our help to understand this industry and solve the issues they are confronted with.

Our purpose is to be there for our clients – whether that’s through an email, over the phone or in a face-to-face meeting :)

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