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The day social marketing worked

A few days ago on this very blog we were able to see a perfect example of how social media and social media marketing can come together for real life marketing value. Social gets a bad wrap from many marketers, esp traditional marketers, but there is a ton of value if you can put together a well thought out and executed plan.

The setup

At FreshySites we are very focused on customer service, like on a freakish level. We want to have the best customer service our customers have ever seen and that is our #1 priority in the day-to-day of FreshySites.

With customer service as our single biggest focus we also like to talk about other companies who love serving customers at a very high quality level. One company that has taken a firm stance on a customer-first mentality is L.L. Bean. Elizabeth, our blog manager, decided to write a story on her interaction with the crew at the L.L. Bean service department to showcase just how great they are and how much they care. The article came off as friendly, professional and really made L.L. Bean look good (which they are).

The Tweet – the other Tweet

Being that I have the strongest Twitter following of any of the team members here, I decided to take a shot at tweeting this post to both the L.L. Bean and L.L Bean Service accounts, in hopes of them maybe spreading the article of praise.

Sure enough, within a few minutes of shipping that tweet I saw this come into my feed:

Bingo! I didn’t even get a re-tweet, but instead a hand-crafted tweet by the L.L. Bean account itself with a link directly to the article. That account has about 15,600 followers at the time of this writing, pretty freakin awesome. So now our little blog article and link was being shipped to over 15k people, directly into their Twitter feeds — you can’t pay for exposure like that. I thanked the guys behind the L.L. Bean account for sending out that awesome tweet and sharing our link and popped open Google Analytics to see if anything was cookin in terms of new traffic from this tweet.

The results

Alright, so it’s not like the spike of the century or anything, but we did get a nice little bump in traffic from all of this. Here is a shot of our analytics for a few days before and after this activity:

You can see that our traffic is almost double average traffic on the 28th, which is a pretty solid result for an hours worth of work and a little bit of content strategy. The biggest benefit and the one that you should take to your boss or marketing manager is this — a good percentage of the new visitors (about 30%) clicked visited at least one more page after reading this article. Just about all of the visitors to this article were new unique visits, so they were people seeing our brand and our business for the first time. So this means we’re building brand and product awareness in a market we most likely wouldn’t have access to without this social activity. Then, even more, 30% of them were interested enough after reading the article to click on another page and see maybe learn a bit more about us and what we do.

Not saying that this is like a one-time home run and we can pack it up and call it a game. But what I am saying is that this kind of activity, continued over a period of time, is how social media and social media marketing is supposed to work, and does work.

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