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So What Makes FreshySites Different?

Great Question

I was talking with Vincent tonight about some marketing strategy and overall concepts for the company as we move forward and through our discussion I began to think of how FreshySites is going to be bringing value to the market and our customers in a way that isn’t already being done. I wanted to share some of these initial thoughts with you guys so here goes.

Customer Service

This is where we are going to shine. I think this is our #1 point of differentiation and our complete competitive advantage. Our customers are not going to be super tech wizards and that’s fine. Our goal is to bring beautiful and fully functional websites to people who aren’t tech nuts or total geeks. We will be available via phone or email to answer simple questions or complex questions at any time, always with a friendly tone and understanding attitude. Our job is to make an elegant, beautiful and professional businesses website a totally stress free part of our customer’s organization so they can focus on the 1,000 other things they have going on :)

Beautiful Design for the Masses

It’s time that every small business has a website they can be proud of. We are sick of the idea of a non-profit, small business or individual having to spend tons and tons of money to have a half-decent looking site. We know so many great people who work so hard on their business, only to have their website look as if it were designed in 1992 with poorly written code and no thought out design elements. Beautiful websites don’t have to be expensive, we are going to prove that.

Giving Back is Not an Option

We are in the midst of launching our partnership program with many charity organizations. It is something I have wanted to do for some time and the FreshySites product is the perfect platform for it. Our goal is to donate 10% of all proceeds to a good cause of our customer’s choosing. At the time of site delivery we will go through the options with our customer and let them decide which organization hits home for them. We know that the more customers we make happy the more money we can all raise for great causes, and that is more important than any website could ever be.

Locally Focused

No doubt from the bottom of our market we will be getting squeezed by cheap template services. They offer websites for as little as $5/mo or even free. However, there are many things that these giants can’t do, and those are the places we are going to focus. FreshySites is looking into working with local athletic organizations to set up sponsorship for little league baseball and softball teams. We are also looking to build great relationships with local SBAs and Business Development Centers so that we can help businesses in local community settings thrive. There are some things the big guys can’t do, and it is our pleasure to fill in for them.

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