Binghamton NY

Senator Akshar Visits FreshySites

Senator Akshar and his team toured FreshySites last week to learn about real demands and pressures on growing businesses in our area. The senator, his team, and members of the Chamber of Commerce were in attendance, giving us the opportunity to show them firsthand what we do every day.

The senator’s visit to FreshySites’ Binghamton office is part of a greater initiative ahead of the upcoming legislative session. Ben Giordano spoke with the senator about some of the real life scenarios and challenges we face as a growing business in the southern tier. As FreshySites continues to expand our reach across the country and to grow our team, it’s an honor to have a voice in the conversation happening in Albany.

To learn more about why the senator visited us, and where we’re expanding — making websites for companies in Washington DC, California, Syracuse, Albany, Buffalo, and Pennsylvania — check out our portfolio. We’re excited to unveil some big new projects in the coming weeks!

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