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Self-Care for Support Team Members

As we discussed in our most recent Customer Service/Support series post, being on any kind of Customer Service and/or Support team can be unpredictable and at times, extremely demanding.

Aside from being as adaptable and collaborative as possible – and Adjusting as Needed as we’ve termed it at FS – there’s a huge responsibility of those on any support team to remember self-care.

Care for Yourself Before Caring for Others

Our Support Team – really, any Customer Service/Support Team – can only operate efficiently and effectively if its members have a clear, level head and are confident and ready to tackle any request that shows up in HelpScout.

Adaptability, collaboration, and consequently customer satisfaction, aren’t possible if the Support Team members aren’t able to do their assigned tasks because of stress.

Successful employees take the initiative to take care of themselves during the work day, regardless of what they encounter or how demanding the day might be.

More than this though, successful businesses take the time to invest in their employees in various ways, with one of those being the promotion of self-care for team members as well as using staff software tools to help manage their day.

This is an essential part of being on the FS Support Team, as well as the overall FS team.

Team Bonding as Self-Care

Self-care on our Support Team comes in many forms, such as:

  • Taking a regularly scheduled break for lunch, but also unscheduled breaks when something might take a little more manpower than expected and you need a fresh perspective
  • Remembering to stay hydrated and energized throughout the day with water, coffee and snacks no matter how many meetings with clients are scheduled
  • Collaborating with one another and pulling in other members of the team as needed for different requests instead of getting stressed alone, and so forth.

Spending time together as a team outside of the normal work day is a big part of the individual self-care and team self-care we promote at FS as well.

Through having team hangouts, an annual yard game competition day, attending sporting events, happy hours, First Friday Art Walks and so forth after work hours, our team is able to de-stress and have fun together, building camaraderie and strengthening our bonds in and outside of the office.

Taking care of ourselves allows us to be on the ball in every phase of our support process, delivering the best and most personal customer service possible – what we strive for every day at FS.

Make sure to catch the last post in our Customer Service/Support series the week after next! You won’t want to miss it!

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