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Our SEO Pricing Compared to 600+ Others

This morning I stumbled upon a great resource that was put together by leading SEO hub SEOMOZ and a survey company called Ask Your Target Market. The two companies teamed up and conducted a survey of over 600 Search Engine Optimization industry professionals to find out some basic current industry information. They asked about things like “How many in your agency?” and “Do you usually work hourly or as a set project?”

What’s So Important About This Data?

Looking through the data they collected you can learn some amazing things about the current state of the SEO industry. One thing that struck me was the pricing information and then thinking about it compared to FreshySites SEO pricing, but we’ll talk more about that after you have a chance to look through the infographic:

Search Engine Optimization
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Let’s Talk Pricing

So if you look specifically at the pricing section for US based agencies you can see that the most common per-project costs were gathered around the $2,500 – $5,000 mark and then decreased in both directions (cheaper and more expensive). What’s also interesting is that project-based pricing was also dominate in the survey showing that most SEO agencies work in the same project-based style as FreshySites does with Search Engine Optimization. You can see that rarely any SEO companies are doing work over $30k and rarely any are doing work under $1,000.

How Does FreshySites SEO Stack Up?

We offer basic on-page services for our customers, so it will not be exactly apples to apples when we look at this survey. However, the assumption is that this survey does includes SEO Agencies or individuals who do exactly what we do. When you look at the “Services Provided” section we fit right in and provide about 50-60% of the services listed so keep that in mind when comparing our pricing to the pricing from the survey.

In terms of pricing it seems that we are very competitive. Our average FreshySites SEO package costs the end customer $250 for setup and $15/mo ongoing. That means a full year of our SEO services on average is only around $400! Looking at this chart it looks like less than 5% of all firms surveyed are offering services in this price range. And when you compare our pricing to the mode pricing of the survey ($2,501 – $5,000), FreshySites SEO is pretty darn cheap.

Yea, Yea, But Do You Get Results?

Short answer is yes. Long answer would be talking to you about the numerous clients who we have helped climb the organic Google results and drive more traffic and leads to their respective websites. Here is a quick case study from one of our SEO clients:


To develop an integrated online marketing program that built brand awareness and product awareness via increased website traffic and traction. The overall goal was increased product sales.

Process & Solution

Designed and coded a new custom website. Researched and developed a list of search terms to integrate into website for increased on-page search engine optimization efforts. Launched new website and daily blogging and integrated social media marketing program. Designed the website with very straightforward calls to action.


Eight months into the program, company president said, “a year ago, 0% of our sales came from our website, now 80% of sales come from our website and total sales have doubled.” Traffic up 200% and page views up 140%.

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