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How We Make Customer Service Personal

At first glance, FreshySites might be in the website design and development business, but like any company providing services to clients, a significant portion of our collective time is spent on customer service and support.

Being in the client support business means we’re held to a standard that aligns with the fundamental purpose of customer service – to help people in the most effective way possible.

For us that means being able to answer our clients’ questions as thoroughly and quickly as we can, while also providing direct and innovative solutions to their issues.

Response Service With A Personal Touch

Our Support Team’s responsiveness to clients is a top priority at FS, taking at most one business day to respond to the members of the FS client fam.

Our responsiveness is one of the major things that sets our business apart and we take serious pride in that.

That’s why we have 3 full-time Support Team members who are actively on/monitoring HelpScout each day – our CS system of choice – ready to answer any/all support emails we receive and resolve our clients’ issues as quickly and exhaustively as possible – or pulling in another team member whose able to answer that particular question more effectively.

We understand that our clients are real people with busy schedules, both in and outside of the office, deadlines to hit and that sometimes things come up that both delay and expedite a project.

Our purpose is to be there for our clients – no matter what. 

From the first day of work at FreshySites, you’re trained to recognize the importance of our responsiveness to clients – because to us, customer service is one of the most personal parts of our business.

Always Guided By Our Ethos

In alignment with the first two components of our Ethos, Serve the Customer and Be Ego Free, we show that our clients are our top priority through how we treat them each and every day, in which we make customer service and support best practices an integral part of our process.

We know that the members of our client family deserve to be treated the way anyone wants to be treated – with respect, kindness and patience, with us always making them feel valued and understood.

This means being as ego free as possible to ensure the business-to-client relationship is both respected and trusted – and that our best-in-industry customer service is always personal.

Stay tuned for the next post in our Customer Service/Support Series in 2 weeks!

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