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How To Approach the Unpredictableness of Support

For as quickly as technology and our various digital tools are changing and updating, in a sense, we never really know what we’re going to encounter when we walk into work each day – especially the FS Support Team members.

Ready for Anything

With so many websites being hosted on our server and new sites constantly being launched, as well as a variety of our clients’ websites requiring different levels of continuous upkeep and maintenance, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what emails are going to come through our CS system HelpScout on a given day.

It takes a special degree of patience, positivity and open-mindedness to be able to effectively handle an influx of support emails at any moment – but being adaptable, collaborative and Adjusting as Needed are our fortes.

Prepared, Positive & Persistent

With so many years in this industry under our belts, and ever guided by the Freshy Ethos, we’re pros at Being Solution Centric and working together to find the answers to a client’s problem or questions.

Freshy’s support processes thrive because we have a consistent, open and organized line of communication with one another, pulling in different members of the FS team where they can offer their expertise and tackle the questions at hand better than anyone.

Because at the end of the day, despite how unpredictable being on the Support Team can be, it all comes back to ensuring that our clients get the best, most responsive and personal customer service and support possible.

Whether that’s through a face-to-face meeting with a client reviewing each page of their website, a screen-share or phone call to clarify an issue they’re facing, or a question answered via email in less than 10 minutes.

Whatever you need, FreshySites is here for you – the clients who give our business, and support process, a purpose.

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