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FreshySites Recognized As Business Of The Week

Last week, FreshySites had the honor of being awarded the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce‘s Business of the Week!

Having been a member of the Binghamton Chamber of Commerce since our founding in 2011, this was a great recognition to receive in the company’s, and my, hometown.

FreshySites was born in Binghamton and is proud to continue to serve the clients that gave us our start, as well as a range of clients on a national scale.

We’ve also built up offices in Scranton, PA, Manassas, VA and other parts of Upstate NY and the Washington, DC Metro region in the last eight years.

It’s an honor to receive these types of accolades and to hit milestones like this one. However, we’re always determined to always keep the ball moving forward at FreshySites.

It’s the nature of our industry.

We’re definitely focused on where we’re going. We’re up to 1,400 clients now and our next milestone is 3,000, which we’re pushing towards. We’re really excited to keep picking up steam.

Through it all though, FreshySites is committed to staying in the area it was originally founded.

We’re excited to be in Binghamton. There is so much opportunity here for people and I’m excited to progress the area and move it forward in any way we can.

Being dedicated to staying here is a huge thing for me and for the company.

Watch my full interview with Amy Shaw on our Facebook page here and see the NewsChannel 34 story coverage now.

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