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Hello, nice to meet you!

My name is Ben Giordano. Since graduating from Virginia Tech (Go Hokies!) in 2008, I have owned and operated my own marketing and advertising firm in Binghamton, NY. Along the way I have been consistently asked by people working on all kinds of projects to provide them with a professional yet affordable website–which has brought me to my latest product, FreshySites.

The Goal

It’s simple: To provide beautiful websites to passionate people at a fair price. We want to make your website building experience fun and simple. We are making customer service our number one priority.

How It Works

Our process is super straight forward and one of the best parts of this product. First, we sit down over coffee and get to know you a bit. We learn about your taste in design and what you want your site to do in terms of functionality. Next, we present you with three mockups. This lets us decide on a direction for the design of your new website. Lastly, we set up your site and customize it based on our conversations. That’s it! The whole thing usually takes less than 1 week to go from first phone call to a working website.

What about changes and updates?

Ahhh, good question. This is an area where we really shine compared to other web design shops. We don’t charge on a “per change” basis at all. In fact, most clients will never pay anything above their plan’s monthly fee. Just send us an email, or call us up, and we will go ahead and make the structural or design changes as you wish. Our turn around on those things is lightning fast too–usually a matter of minutes or hours at most.

Let’s talk figures

How do we compare to other web design shops? Well most of them charge anywhere from $750 to $5,000 for a standard business website. Some high-end shops can even go up to $10k-20k for a custom website. We think this is just totally insane. Things have changed–websites should not be this expensive anymore! Our websites start at $149 for setup and $35/mo for your hosting, domain, backup, email, etc. The best part honestly is that we think our sites look better than some of the $5k sites that we have seen. Crazy.

So what’s the catch

Dude!! Nothing is the catch, we’re on your team and happy to be there :)

See our featured website design work

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We offer WordPress support & maintenance

Shake the stress of ongoing maintenance with plans supported by our team of WordPress experts.

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