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All About HelpScout

At FreshySites, we take serious pride in the fact that we’re known for our outstanding customer service, support and responsiveness.

Our Support Team works tirelessly each day to ensure that no matter what request a client is asking of us – whether it’s a major website design change or a simple text edit – we handle it efficiently and successfully.

But with so many clients, how do we keep all of their support requests straight?

Aside from our overall hyper efficient and collaborative team doing their various duties to keep things organized, the answer is one word: HelpScout.

HelpScout: Where You’re More Than Just A Support Ticket

HelpScout, founded in 2011 just like us, is the FreshySites Customer Service System of choice – and the CS System of choice for 8,000 businesses across 140 countries as well! – for many reasons.

More than anything else though, we chose to use HelpScout as our Customer Support System because, aside from all the cool features it entails, HelpScout is an incredibly user-friendly tool for our internal organization/use, but more importantly for interacting with our clients.

HelpScout offers a personalized email communication system between FS Support and our clients.

With this tool, every interaction an FS client has with someone on our Support Team isn’t just a ‘Support Ticket’ with an assigned 20-digit number – it’s an email conversation.

You submit a Support Request from your email that goes to our HelpScout system, which our Support team is actively working on/monitoring all day, and when a member of our team responds – usually within minutes – their response is sent right back to your email.  It’s that simple!

HelpScout reiterates this personal touch we look to achieve in every Support communication we have with our clients by calling these interactions ‘Conversations,’ rather than ‘Tickets.’

Because as a FreshySites client, you’re not just another ticket or impossibly long number – you’re a person who gives our business and work a purpose.

We needed a Support system that could match the fast-paced nature of our work, allowing us to quickly and effectively answer any/all requests received, as well as align with our respect and allegiance to serving each and every one of our clients, and their various needs.

That’s exactly what we got with HelpScout :)

Stay tuned for more in our Customer Service/Support Series the week after next!

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